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Eyjafjallajokulldottir Sat 19-Jun-21 21:35:54

So which Grima died at the end? I thought it was the original one?

And what happened to young Gunhild?

I thought the young boy was very creepy, he was a really good actor.

And the police chief was just a nasty creepy arsehole.

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rosegoldwatcher Sun 20-Jun-21 07:37:10

I had the same question so I found and watched this YouTube explanation.


The answer seems to be in the colour of the tops worn by the two Grimas!

Eyjafjallajokulldottir Sun 20-Jun-21 07:40:02

Oh thanks I'll have a look. I thought they deliberately didn't show the colour of the tops when they got to the final round of Russian roulette so hopefully this explains it.

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Doingtheboxerbeat Sun 20-Jun-21 20:23:26

I have been bingeing this show all day, reminded me so much of Dark before it became a massive head fuck. I now want to move to Iceland.

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