Recommend me some tv series please!

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prettyvisitor Thu 17-Jun-21 21:31:13

Things I've enjoyed...
Line of duty
Mare of Easttown
Happy valley
Your honor
Breaking bad

I have Netflix and sky but not Amazon prime. Have I missed anything great?

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TheGirlOnTheLanding Fri 18-Jun-21 07:46:31

Call My Agent (French series on Netflix) is fantastic if you haven't seen it yet.

bonfireheart Fri 18-Jun-21 08:03:04

If you like BB, you will love Better Call Saul which tbf I think is much much better anyway.

Orpheline Fri 18-Jun-21 08:05:34

Dirty John
The Assassination of Gianni Versace
The People v OJ Simpson


MissyB1 Fri 18-Jun-21 08:06:36

"In Plain Sight" ITV (it will be a catch up now) it's more of a mini series
"Before We Die" Chanel More 4.

Just finished both of these they were great.

LightasaBreeze Fri 18-Jun-21 08:20:43

I enjoyed Glitch which I think is still on Netflix, it's sort of an Australian version of The Returned

prettyvisitor Sat 19-Jun-21 07:28:27

Have watched Better call Saul....have just started Before we die. Thanks for the other recommendations!

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Tronkmanton Sat 19-Jun-21 08:05:32

Bodies - it’s on Amazon Prime.

Threetree123 Sat 19-Jun-21 08:12:37

Bookmarking! Am totally at a loss when faced with all those choices! Actually miss the days when we all waited as a family for porridge once a week on Thursday.
Enjoying misfits if that helps?

AbsolutelyPatsy Sat 19-Jun-21 19:20:56

Giri Haji is excellent

AbsolutelyPatsy Sat 19-Jun-21 19:21:16

Also enjoyed Lupin

CassTheFox Sat 19-Jun-21 19:22:27

Unbelievable on Netflix. It’s a hard watch in places but I was so gripped! Toni Collette is amazing in it

Geamhradh Sat 19-Jun-21 19:23:00

Money Heist is the best series ever. Don't be put off by the pathetic title

Sheerheight Sat 19-Jun-21 20:13:41

Ozark is also very good , can't remember if it's on netflix or amazon prime.

Dublin Murders was really good, think that was sky.

PerciphonePuma Sat 19-Jun-21 20:48:18

Jeremy Clarkson's Farm!!!! I know some people despise him but I bloody love him! That show is absolutely HILARIOUS!

I also recommend The Good Doctor on Sky Witness

EraOfTheGrey Sat 19-Jun-21 22:05:05

7 seconds - on Netflix, Regina King is amazing in it.

runwithme Sat 19-Jun-21 22:14:38

The Last Kingdom

MrsJackRackham Sat 19-Jun-21 22:22:52

I'm watching This is England 86,88 & 90. Missed it when it was on at first. It's raw and brutal but amazing. All4.

Classica Sat 19-Jun-21 22:24:22

Lupin is good and suspenseful

ImDreamiesMum Sat 19-Jun-21 22:25:50

I absolutely loved breaking bad.

Hand maids tail second

The walking dead is amazing too but the first few series.

jesusmaryjosephandtheweedonkey Sat 19-Jun-21 22:28:26

Them on prime

RickiTarr Sat 19-Jun-21 22:29:18


Giri Haji is excellent


stillsleeptraining Sat 19-Jun-21 22:30:57

Lady Parts on C4. So good!!

stillsleeptraining Sat 19-Jun-21 22:31:11

Lady Parts on C4. So good!!

EraOfTheGrey Sat 19-Jun-21 22:32:36

Save me and Save me too

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