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Rollergirl11 Thu 17-Jun-21 16:37:01

On tonight. Film with James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan about a married couple who hate each other coping in lockdown. Looks good.

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Womencanlift Thu 17-Jun-21 21:17:11

I’m watching now. It’s good so far. Feels improvised but not sure if it is

Apparently it will cover March 2020 to March this year

Oldowl Thu 17-Jun-21 21:21:26

Not sure if I like it. (I could not even get the title tight!)

It feels like an A level drama performance.

HelenHywater Thu 17-Jun-21 21:24:36

I'm not sure about it. It's a little bit tiresome I think. All the bickering. I'm not finding it particularly funny so far.

orphananniesmum Thu 17-Jun-21 21:26:22

I don't think I'll survive until the end

MindyStClaire Thu 17-Jun-21 21:51:13

I think it's wonderful. The funny bits are unexpectedly hilarious but the bit about her mum was just heartbreaking. Very well done.

ineedaholidaynow Thu 17-Jun-21 21:52:55

It is very poignant how it goes from very funny to heartbreaking


Florabella Thu 17-Jun-21 22:03:50

I've just given up. I think it couldn't work out what it wanted to be. I thought the bit about her mum was brilliantly touching , but then it turned into a long depressing political rant and I didn't feel the need to relive all that,

Digestive28 Thu 17-Jun-21 22:11:43

Wonder if it’s a bit too soon/raw. Feel like I’m not emotionally ready to reflect on the pandemic, just managing to survive it right now. Would like to watch it in a year or two

LizzieSiddal Thu 17-Jun-21 22:15:50

I too thought it was “too soon”. I did watch it for about 15 minutes but all the memories from that time were too much, along with all their bickering, I switched off.

Arcadia Thu 17-Jun-21 22:16:17

@Digestive28 I feel the same we're still dealing with it, I need some escapism right now, have switched to comedy on Netflix and left DP to it - he's enjoying it.

cheeseisthebest Thu 17-Jun-21 22:34:42

Watching it now, they are talking so fast. Making my head hurt. Don't like all the talking to camera bit.

Womencanlift Thu 17-Jun-21 22:36:25

I loved it. Thought they captured everything so well. Her monologue about care homes was spot on (the smug faces of Matt Hancock and Helen Whately should be forced to watch that)

And him talking about how we will say that we will remember to value our key workers from now on but actually we won’t and they will go back to be treated like crap was true too

Yeah you could say it was too soon but I liked the fact that it was very up to date

Poor Artie though. Totally neglected for about a year lol!

HelenHywater Thu 17-Jun-21 22:37:41

I persevered and enjoyed it (that might be the wrong word). It was good and poignant and completely relatable. Really hard to comprehend what we've all been through over the last year.

JustDanceAddict Thu 17-Jun-21 22:53:43

As I said on other thread above, strange, but compelling as well.
I thought it was going to be a comedy (well, black comedy), but was quite depressing esp as we’re still in Covid times.

Stichintime Thu 17-Jun-21 22:57:09

Watched the start. Really wanted to enjoy it, but couldn't. Found it dull and irritating, the constant monologues really off putting.

Mumof3cherubs Thu 17-Jun-21 23:22:39

Loved it

NannyAndJohn Fri 18-Jun-21 03:37:55

A very sobering hour and a half of television.

Impressed that the writers were willing to criticise the government to the point they did. Care homes spot on.

I think it would have been commissioned and scheduled with the expectation that we'd be free of restrictions by now and it wouldn't feel as raw. But then Delta came along and Johnson let it rip.

orphananniesmum Fri 18-Jun-21 07:33:33

Agree it's too soon for this

dameofdilemma Fri 18-Jun-21 14:31:38

Brave, challenging, compelling, heartbreaking at times, sharply witty at others, beautifully written and performed.
A programme that demands your full attention (definitely didn’t have half an eye on my phone for this one).

I can see it wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I like tv programmes that feel like stage plays.
And i can only take so much escapism.

bestbefore Fri 18-Jun-21 14:34:13

Def very much like a play. A 2 person play - I quite enjoyed it but thought the political bit was quite distracting but guess politics has affected us all hugely in the last year more so than ever. Some proper LOL moments.

Willowkins Fri 18-Jun-21 14:39:26

I loved it. It was so well done - especially the bit where she concludes that (the Government's) stupidity killed her mother.

AnnieP1 Fri 18-Jun-21 14:57:47

Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. I laughed and cried (unusual for me!) Encapsulated the horrors of 2020 and powerfully and emotionally laid bare the government's mistakes. Not too soon for this as we will forget only too quickly and want to move on.

ineedaholidaynow Fri 18-Jun-21 15:20:32

The way it played with your emotions reminded me of when I saw a stage production of When the Wind Blows when I was a student. I didn't know the story. Laughed like a drain in the first half, and then just sat there crying in the second half after the bomb had dropped.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Fri 18-Jun-21 23:55:02

I blow hot and cold with Sharon Horgan usually but goodness this was fantastic and McEvoy was amazing as he is in everything.

They were so frantic and screechy with eachother to start with and moved on to real moments of tenderness- just like most long term relationships. I thought it was great.

I went from laughing to teary and then really rooting for them.

One week earlier and 20,000 lives would've been saved. I didn't actually realise it was that many. That is a fucking sobering thought and brought me up short.

I have a family member who is still receiving counselling after working in a Covid ward, listening to people's dying words day after day.

In some ways it seems so long ago and but at the same time really raw still as we're STILL in it.

Absolutely brilliant telly.

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