The Line of Beauty - on drama channel

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stumbledin Tue 15-Jun-21 15:19:58

This is an old series made (??) with a lot of well know actors looking quite young.

A sort of Brideshead Revisted but set in Thatcher's England at the time of the Aids crisis. It comes with a warning of "mature" themes, ie portrayal of gay men having sex.

Just thought I would mention that it is currently available.

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Stillfunny Tue 15-Jun-21 15:38:10

Watched this. So good and loved the 80s tunes in it.

stumbledin Tue 15-Jun-21 16:53:36

Yes its funny how more than clothes etc., music can be more evocative of a time than anything else.

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Buggerthebotox Wed 16-Jun-21 13:10:36

Thanks for the heads up. Have you read the book by any chance?

stumbledin Wed 16-Jun-21 14:18:03

No I haven't read the book, but realised there was one because before starting this thread I searched mumsnet and it came up (not sure its actual title) what are you reading!

But in some ways I am glad I haven't as too often watching the dramatisation of a book you get caught up it, that's not what was meant, or that never happened, or ...

Have you read the book and watched the series? Do you think the tv drama catches the essence of the book?

I have now finished watching it, and (to avoid spoilers) sort of anticipated the ending.

I wonder how much of it is autobiographical?

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IntermittentParps Wed 16-Jun-21 15:01:02

Somehow this passed me by at the time. Thanks OP. I have read the book, but ages ago, the year it was on the Booker shortlist (2004??)

Might give it a go.

Stillfunny Wed 16-Jun-21 16:39:40

It referred to 1986 in the show. I was not in UK at the time. Matt Steven's looks so young !


Buggerthebotox Wed 16-Jun-21 17:01:33

Just bought it on DVD blush. Couldn't resist. smile

jontyblooms Wed 16-Jun-21 17:45:45


Thanks for the heads up. Have you read the book by any chance?

The book is excellent, I recommend it.

diddl Thu 17-Jun-21 16:55:56

Loved it at the time.

Dan Stevens isn't it?

stumbledin Thu 17-Jun-21 18:13:17

I've been quite glad of the Drama channel for having many of these older shows, not all BBC, but many are.

I recently caught up with the Secret Diaries of Anne Lister (made before Gentleman Jack and not as showy. And Tipping the Velvet a sort of lesbian Catherine Cookson!

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Stillfunny Fri 18-Jun-21 06:46:58


Loved it at the time.

Dan Stevens isn't it?


JoanOgden Fri 18-Jun-21 06:54:02

Oh I love the book, had no idea there was a TV series!

TimeforaGandT Fri 18-Jun-21 07:05:57

Yes, he is - it’s very early Dan Stevens

buckeejit Sun 20-Jun-21 18:06:14

Great thanks, I read the book years ago & enjoyed it, will give this a spin 😀

thecatfromjapan Sun 20-Jun-21 18:20:52

The book won the Booker prize. 🙂

I think Alan Hollinghurst was a lot older than the characters portrayed when he wrote it. It's very literary, rather than autobiographical, with a lot of inter-textual references - some of which translate into the series.

I watched it the other night and was struck (all over again) by how dislikeable so many of the characters are!

It really does capture a slice of the 80s. Especially the insider-trading-style corruption. And the edging-out of other areas of the 80s (the growing violence and vehemence of anti-Thatcherite protest) is also fascinating. It presents a world insulated from that.

And, of course, AIDS. It was fascinating watching it and the portrayal of a period.

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