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wildeverose Thu 27-May-21 22:27:41

Is anyone else obsessed with modern family? It's my easy watching show, along with friends. I start from the beginning, and then when it's finished start all over again! I adore it.
What's your favourite episode/moment and who's your fave character?
I love them all, but Gloria is my favourite.
My best moments are Jay slapping the chicken, and cam screaming for stella in the street.
Best episode is cam and mitch's wedding!

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MamaEs Thu 27-May-21 22:40:55

Me. I absolutely adore it. I rewatch it over and over, I drive everyone mad.

Devastated Hayley didn't end up with Andy.

LipstickOnMySnaggletooth Thu 27-May-21 22:50:08

I'm on season 10. I love it. Sometimes it's painfully cringey though! Phil is my favourite.

Iloveitall Thu 27-May-21 22:54:41

I enjoyed it. Wouldn’t re watch it tho. I would
Love a new season.

Draculahhh Thu 27-May-21 22:54:46

Devastated Hayley didn't end up with Andy THIS! They should have been endgame, it was just lazy writing leaving her with Dillion.

ElderMillennial Thu 27-May-21 22:55:54

I like it and can see how it works as an easy show to watch but I think I prefer Friends and Big Bang Theory

youngestisapsycho Thu 27-May-21 22:56:04

If you have Prime, there is a great show called Life in Pieces...


LipstickOnMySnaggletooth Thu 27-May-21 23:00:02


If you have Prime, there is a great show called Life in Pieces...

Oh, I loved that too. Gutted it was cancelled!

ssd Thu 27-May-21 23:00:54

Cam is just the best. His one liners are brilliant.

Krook Thu 27-May-21 23:01:15

Love it, Gloria and Cam are my favourites.
Too many favourite moments to mention, but agree Cam screaming for Stella is up there.

Albern Thu 27-May-21 23:02:53

I love it too. It's my go to tv. My favourite character has to be Cam, although Luke when he was young was so funny. My favourite episode is when Phil and Luke are trying to recreate the basketball hitting Phil's head and scoring a goal. In fact I love the relationship between Luke and Phil.

Barefootinthecarpark Thu 27-May-21 23:03:06

The ‘baby cheeses’ 🤣

Historytoo Thu 27-May-21 23:05:24

I was going to say the baby cheeses too. And the episode with Mitch doing DIY.

Unihorn Thu 27-May-21 23:12:04

Cams one liners are great, I always remember the one about being Sondheim-ised. I also loved it when they took Lily to the Vietnamese restaurant and he keeps putting his foot in it.

LeafCutterAnt Thu 27-May-21 23:54:45

I just love Mitch, Cam and lily. I like Mitch and Cam trying to get lily into the best nursery and when she swears as a bridesmaid. My favourite bit is probably Mitch and Cam on the diet and Snorkles the seal "SNORKLES!!"

missbelle92 Thu 27-May-21 23:56:30

My absolute favourite episode is the thanksgiving episode Three Turkeys grin never fails to make me laugh out loud even though I’ve seen it at least 20 times I’m sure

LeafCutterAnt Thu 27-May-21 23:56:48

I liked Lily on Cam's Missouri Farm sitting round the table and saying "Lorda Mercy."

starlingsintheslipstream Thu 27-May-21 23:58:42

Love Modern Family. My favourite episode is Punkin Chunkin - so funny and heart warming too.

RaspberryRoyale88 Fri 28-May-21 00:00:38

I love Modern Family!

I was so sad Haley didn’t end up with Andy.

wildeverose Sat 29-May-21 12:26:26

So so sad Hayley and Andy didn't stay together 💔 it took so long to get them together and it ended way to fast - was very annoying!!

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ChubbyLittleManInACampervan Sat 29-May-21 12:29:31

I love when Gloria introduces fake Colombian traditions at random intervals grin

I love Phil’s helpless crush on Gloria

wildeverose Sat 29-May-21 20:12:28

I also absolutely love the episode with Phil's lucky underwear catch 😂😂😂

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mum2jakie Mon 31-May-21 14:47:12

The episode where Phil's lifetime supply of razors runs out. Also the one where he brings a random bloke home from the gym! Was it Matthew Broderick?

FelicityPike Mon 31-May-21 14:48:50

I’m married to a Phil! I see so much of him in DH.
I love Cam.
Can’t stand Lily though.

LikeAnOldFriend Mon 31-May-21 14:55:59

Aw yes we watched through it last year it was lovely lockdown comfort watching! I would watch odd ones again, maybe it will become one I watch from the start again like Friends and Gilmore Girls. I think it’s at its best with the more emotional episodes, although I loved all the Clive and Julia episodes and Halloween ones!

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