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Unforgotten Series 4 - ITV 9pm from 22 February - Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar - week by week no spoilers please!

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stumbledin Mon 22-Feb-21 19:14:31

A dismembered body is found in a scrapyard and the team believes the remains had been stored in a domestic freezer for 30 years. Meanwhile, after making the decision to retire from the police force, Cassie faces a dilemma when she learns she isn't entitled to her full pension payment unless she completes her 30 years of service. Return of the crime drama, starring Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar

ITV London
9:00pm-10:00pm (1 hour ) Mon 22 Feb

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dontblameme Mon 22-Feb-21 19:20:00

I loved the first 3 series, (S2 especially) so looking forward to this.

Walkinglikeazombie Mon 22-Feb-21 19:20:58

Oooh can’t wait! Loved all three series, really looking forward to the fourth

stumbledin Mon 22-Feb-21 19:24:37

Its funny because I found both of the two main characters quite wooden, but really enjoyed the previous series. Some really sad stories.

Just hoping it will be as good. confused

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Anotherlovelybitofsquirrel Mon 22-Feb-21 19:26:13

I bloody love this show. Can't wait!

margoyuwer Mon 22-Feb-21 19:42:30

I cant wait, loved series 1 and 2 but wasnt satisfied with killer and ending of 3. Does anyone know if the full series will go on the itv hub after tonight?

southeastdweller Mon 22-Feb-21 20:32:52


I cant wait, loved series 1 and 2 but wasnt satisfied with killer and ending of 3. Does anyone know if the full series will go on the itv hub after tonight?

No, it's not available in one go tonight, which I'm glad about. ITV have never put Unforgotten as on demand.

colouringindoors Mon 22-Feb-21 21:03:43

It's on grin

colouringindoors Mon 22-Feb-21 21:04:29

forgot about Monarch of the glen!

stumbledin Tue 23-Feb-21 18:10:39

I quite enjoyed this although I have no memory of what happened at the end of series 3 so a bit confused by the Cassie being on sick leave part of the plot.

So quite intrigued but then at the end when I thought oh this is familiar, 3 or 4 what seem to be unconnected story lines are then revealed to be linked by the crime.

Haven't they done this before?

Will probably stick with it though as everything else is so bad. (Although sticking with Bloodlands for the same reason.)

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MabelMoo23 Wed 24-Feb-21 19:58:13


I cant wait, loved series 1 and 2 but wasnt satisfied with killer and ending of 3. Does anyone know if the full series will go on the itv hub after tonight?

It was asked on Twitter by a TV critic and one of the production team said they are still in post production, ever though they’ve started airing so no, it’s not on hub.

It’s a week by week job!

stumbledin Tue 02-Mar-21 14:12:34

In some ways I am really loving this. Well put together, but ... the plotting in this series seems so familiar. ie a group involved in a cover up.

I prefered the ones where the discoverying of a body led to individual stories lines.

Its a bit like watching Line of Duty which is well past its sell by date.

And without being personal but Sanjeev Bhaskar's make up looks like he is really ill. I do hope he isn't. I noticed it both this and last week.

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thelake Tue 02-Mar-21 22:02:34

Yes why is Cassie back from sick leave?

Woodlandbelle Tue 02-Mar-21 22:09:14

She's back because she wouldn't get her full pension and her dad is selling the house.

thelake Tue 02-Mar-21 22:38:33

I mean why was she on sick leave to start with?

stumbledin Tue 02-Mar-21 23:14:11

I think that she is on sick leave because of what happened in the last case, which I dont remember clearly.

But was about a man who had killed a young woman and part of the plot was him being manipulative and goading. Taking them to places where he said he had burried the body. And much more.

And it all just got to her. Part of her character, not just her job, is empathising with the missing dead and their families.

Have just found this, which seems to give a very good summary, and handy reminder of who every body is!

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Woodlandbelle Tue 02-Mar-21 23:51:23

Yes I watched the last episode of the previous series when the doctor murdered the young girls (14 age range) and she was crying interviewing and felt unwell. Then the 30 years of the nature of her job.. She took a break (her dad asked her too and she said she would like that very much)

Marypoppinsbrolly Wed 03-Mar-21 19:45:54

Just watching the second episode of this I loved the previous series. I am finding Cassie a bit depressing though. I know that’s the point but she never seems happy - again, I know it’s intended this way as she feels for those affected so keenly but it would be nice to see her crack a proper smile once in a while, one that met her eyes! I just feel like there’s only so much shit you can watch a main character have to deal with

Intrigued with the storyline though and gutted I can’t binge watch!

zafferana Thu 04-Mar-21 09:36:02

I've given up on this already. I loved the first three series, but this one is dire, particularly the dialogue. Whoever wrote it should be fired - it's cliched and cringe-worthy. Bleugh!

stumbledin Thu 04-Mar-21 15:19:26

Its not so much that she's depressing, as I am sort of used to that.

But was she always this so unaware of any one else's feelings / life.

Her dad (I know he's a pain but he has his own life) and her partner and his important job interview (which might lead to a big upheaval in the life).

Or is this part of still not being recovered?

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Notanotherhun Thu 04-Mar-21 15:23:04

I think it's called being depressed.

stumbledin Thu 04-Mar-21 23:52:05

But if she was that depressed and her depression was bought on by her work home come she is able to not just function but actively engage at work.

Not trying to make light of depression but the show doesn't make sense, if it is depressions. She takes sick leave as work is making her despair, work kicks her in the whatevers by denying her a pension because she is 3 months short of the time to qualify, but she is happy to walk out of the door of her house to get to work on time and then has to remind herself to say something to the person she is living with!


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drspouse Fri 05-Mar-21 20:48:02

I'm just checking in, this is one of the few new/good things on at the moment (we are also watching Bloodlands, we're on Season 3 of This is Us and I'm watching the odd Miss Scarlett and the Duke when DH has sport to watch as he isn't a fan:.

drspouse Fri 05-Mar-21 20:49:01

Some people with depression hide it well...

VienneseWhirligig Fri 05-Mar-21 21:10:46

She was on sick leave with depression because in the last series she left a file in a public place (cafe or train?) Which outed a suspect who was then murdered (but had been innocent) after a gossip site posted his details online and urged vigilante action. She blames herself for his murder.

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