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DocTors . Will Al ever be Who? Letherbridge lovers gather ye here.

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TDogsInHats Wed 17-Feb-21 21:35:42

New thread.

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TDogsInHats Wed 17-Feb-21 21:37:25

Well done to those who remembered about the privilege walk. That had been completely erased from my memory.

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TDogsInHats Thu 18-Feb-21 13:52:04

Bear is back.

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EventuallyDeleted Thu 18-Feb-21 13:53:02

Marking my spot for later, got to go out (essential) and haven't seen yesterday's yet.

TDogsInHats Thu 18-Feb-21 13:59:19

Hello eventually.
Going to Ibiza for a hen weekendgrin
They really do live in a parallel universe in letherbridge

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TDogsInHats Thu 18-Feb-21 14:01:24

I just can't imagine the scenario when someone would discuss grey pubic hairshmm

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LIZS Thu 18-Feb-21 14:02:40

Who are these people?

LIZS Thu 18-Feb-21 14:07:30

Social distance in the extreme!

Raahh Thu 18-Feb-21 16:06:00

I fell asleep , so didn't get to watch live.

TDogs thank you for the new thread. Just catching up now!

Raahh Thu 18-Feb-21 16:10:23

There was a time, when they nearly sacked Val for being a gossip.

And yet here we have Emma and Zara discussing Daniel's grey hair around the work place. hmm. Very professional.

Raahh Thu 18-Feb-21 16:18:07

I loved the Bunty comic.

First got it one day in 1979, after I was sick in assembly and had to be sent home. I was nearly 8- and carried on reading it for about 6 years (I was never a very trendy teenagergrin).

Raahh Thu 18-Feb-21 16:34:25

Lily at Eve's house!

JustDanceAddict Thu 18-Feb-21 17:31:18

Lily - wtaf?!?!?

TDogsInHats Thu 18-Feb-21 21:24:32

I liked Tammy comic and would read my brothers' Beano.

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cosmopolitanplease Fri 19-Feb-21 10:15:31

Like Zara I too was a fan of Nurse Nancy (and Doctor David) in Twinkle. Later I loved Tracy, Tammy and Misty.

It was ridiculous about the grey pube drama, as if a bloke would care - surely it would lend their genitalia a more 'distinguished' air? And I kind of think someone like Daniel would shave them all off anyway...

EventuallyDeleted Fri 19-Feb-21 10:42:51

It was a bit WTF. Surely discussing someone's pubes at work is sexual harrassment. We are a pretty friendly bunch at my workplace but that just wouldn't happen in a million years. Man on roof was boring and I don't like what they are doing with Lily.

Raahh Fri 19-Feb-21 10:55:45

Eventually If they had been discussing a woman's pubes, would they have been thinking it was amusing? It really was very odd. Very Wtf from the writers, and not in funny way.

And turning Lily into a stalker is boring. And over done. I don't know why they couldn't have had a brief, nice adult relationship.

EventuallyDeleted Fri 19-Feb-21 11:03:46

Nice to see Al's mum again though. Properly socially distanced with Lily outside. I suppose the whole stalker thing is quite easy to film socially distanced.

Have you spotted the new massive restroom at the surgery?

Raahh Fri 19-Feb-21 11:56:34

It is nice to see Eve again. I do like that they keep bringing her back- however much they keep messing with Al's character, at least they show he still loves his mum grin.

I was wondering how you they will manage 'socially distanced' team building. TB, in my experience, were always a hands on/ annoyingly touchy -feely/ getting to know you thing. Daft role plays.

Being 2 metres away from the person you are meant to be bonding with, seems a bit counter productive grin.

TDogsInHats Sat 20-Feb-21 09:43:43

cosmopolitan I remember the lead story was "No tears for Molly" and Molly was dressed in a black dress with white apron (she was a housemaid, probably an orphan)

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TDogsInHats Sat 20-Feb-21 09:45:33

Raahh I'm sure Al has moved to a bigger house, he used to live in a normal semi or terraced 1970s house.
Also, I'm pretty sure that Eve lives a fair distance from letherbridge so neither he nor Lily could just pop round.

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EventuallyDeleted Sat 20-Feb-21 09:49:47

Yes, he used to have to go and stay with his mum, I had a feeling she was in St Albans or somewhere in that area.

StellaAndCrow Mon 22-Feb-21 13:45:24

Woohoo I get to watch live today!

StellaAndCrow Mon 22-Feb-21 13:51:15

Oh it's good to see Al's mum being sensible and saying it's up to him - she's not happy that thingy's misled her.

StellaAndCrow Mon 22-Feb-21 13:56:57

I may have spoken too soon . . .

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