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What's good "on in the background" tv for working from home?

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BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Tue 17-Nov-20 09:23:33

Meetings on Zoom aside, tv in the background is fine for most of my tasks (some tasks it's bloody necessary as it has its dull parts).

Since March I've re-watched The Crown, a friends, Modern Family and Big Bag Theory.

I tried Gossip girl and couldn't get away with it.

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jay55 Tue 17-Nov-20 10:38:13

I'm not working but am writing to fill the time.

I put on formulaic things, any cooking competition (top chef, sugar rush, masterchef from other countries), or houses being done up (tiny house nation, interior design masters).
Though currently I'm alternating between sister sister and cheesy Christmas romances.

helloxhristmas Tue 17-Nov-20 10:39:28

Not what you asked but I have the radio on. I couldn't watch something like The Crown and work at the same time.

Sooverthemill Wed 18-Nov-20 09:05:20

I couldn't have the TV on and work! I salute your brain, I used to have BBC news website open on a tab and check that a few times a day and look at the lunchtime news. Ditto the radio. If I'm working I need to concentrate and anything that makes a noise distracts me! Luckily I don't work anymore as I am now full time carer for my sick DD so I have an audiobook or podcast on while I do housework . Even the news on the TV now is distracting me!

YellowandGreenToBeSeen Wed 18-Nov-20 09:09:14

Any radio station that is primarily talk based (my choices are R4 & BBC Radio London.

BrimfulOfBaba Sat 21-Nov-20 22:28:31

Anything you've watched before and enjoyed is the best bet otherwise you get distracted if it's good! Have gone through breaking bad, peep show (3x since the first lockdown), friends (almost twice since first lockdown...) and sister sister so far!

Do agree with the suggestion re:formulaic telly but I get too drawn into competitive cooking/sewing!

WhiteVixen Sat 21-Nov-20 22:39:00

I've had stuff like Gogglebox (4od) on this week. Don't have to pay too much attention to it. Either that or music on YouTube.

Newuser991 Sat 21-Nov-20 22:41:00

I've rewatched Fleabag

The Handmaid's Tale

After Life

VienneseWhirligig Sat 21-Nov-20 22:49:17

Desperate Housewives
Ally McBeal

Handsoffisback Sat 21-Nov-20 22:51:27

I really love old 80s/90s easy stuff I’ve seen before. A touch of frost is my favourite at the moment. I love homes under the hammer although I do waste time waiting for the valuations etc so maybe not the best idea.

grassisjeweled Sat 21-Nov-20 22:51:58

Netflix fake fire

BecomeStronger Sat 21-Nov-20 22:52:29

I have Radio 4 on. I've learned loads and the comedy is really good.

ShortSilence Sat 21-Nov-20 22:54:01

The Repair Shop. Although that’s my answer to just about every tv question, tbh

MumOfPsuedoAdult Sat 21-Nov-20 22:54:29

I have the BBC news channel on in the background when I'm working. It's dull enough not to distract me from my work, but interesting enough to feed my FOMO (self-confessed news junkie).

ShortSilence Sat 21-Nov-20 22:54:57

I couldn’t do it though! I’m impressed that you can. Radio, maybe ... tv, no.

ShaunaTheSheep Sat 21-Nov-20 22:58:40

How I Met Your Mother
The Marvellous Mrs Maisel

BackforGood Sat 21-Nov-20 23:05:16

I can MN or faff on Facebook when I'm watching TV, but can't begin to see how I could be giving work enough attention with the TV on.

MoonJelly Sun 22-Nov-20 10:10:20

The most I can manage is Classic Radio, and even then I need to turn off at times when the spoken bits and adverts get too intrusive and distracting.

stumbledin Sun 22-Nov-20 16:02:00

tv doesn't work for me in the background as I have to keep looking at who is saying something, or get an idea of the place being talked about.

prefer radio - find most of radio 4 smug and insular. However as someone with not much education like parts of radio 4 extra (hate the comedy) but many of the books / plays they do are things I wouldn't ever get round to reading. eg some classics. And the detective series can be good (too many repeats) and if you miss something you can always go to the web site and listen again to the plot twist you missed.

Fascinating when they broadcast plays first aired in the 70s or 80s! Some of the attitudes .... shock

kwiksavenofrillsusername Fri 27-Nov-20 19:08:14

Friends, Gilmore Girls, Dawsons Creek and One Tree Hill are all background shows that I can have on while working. They create enough background noise to get me in the work zone, without me being too distracted by them.

Also, crap reality shows, as long as you don't get too invested in them.

Dieffenbachia Sat 28-Nov-20 10:13:46

Sky news

Dieffenbachia Sat 28-Nov-20 10:15:14

Law & Order Special Victims Unit - but you must actively watch the first 10 minutes or the rest doesn’t make sense

Dieffenbachia Sat 28-Nov-20 10:15:36

(sorry, 1st five minutes)

NeonIcedcoffee Sat 28-Nov-20 10:19:00

Those of you who have TV on in the background what type of work or tasks do you do? I can occasionally have radio 4 on or a podcast if I'm doing something repetitive but I really need science most of the time. I wonder if it's my brain or the type of work I'm doing?

DrDavidBanner Sat 28-Nov-20 10:57:48

Once I've caught up on emails I listen to podcasts. A lot of my work is quite repetitive and I get quite bored working alone so its nice to have some chatter in the background and I can zone out from it when I need to concentrate.

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