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Made in Chelsea....anyone??

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MarthasGinYard Mon 28-Sep-20 21:27:43

Cannot abide the monotonic


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MarthasGinYard Mon 28-Sep-20 21:30:06

Love the county pile bubble houses....

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NarcissistsEyebrows Mon 28-Sep-20 21:32:41

Oh God, had it started again? DH will not be happy, I think lack of MiC was one of his main silver linings from covid

MarthasGinYard Mon 28-Sep-20 21:40:25

It's indeed on right now grin

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MarthasGinYard Mon 28-Sep-20 21:45:27

I've missed Mark Francis though....

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Doje Mon 28-Sep-20 22:31:18

Hell yeah, I'm with you!

Oh I do love a bit of Mark Francis, and Sophie is fast becoming a favourite too.

I feel a bit for Zara as there is a lot of gossip, but she does fuel it somewhat! She's quite the drama llama....

MarthasGinYard Mon 28-Sep-20 22:39:52

Yes Sophie is a fave of mine too

Doesn't Freddie play the violin beautifully.

Mark never ceases to make me chuckle.

Must admit did feel for Zara tonight.

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iamtheoneandonlyyy Tue 29-Sep-20 16:45:11

Zara isn't nice. I won't say more cos spoilers lol. However they were all horrible last night, I'm actually excited to see Melissa squirm next week lol

iamtheoneandonlyyy Tue 29-Sep-20 16:45:48

Also read that Sophie has been seeing Johnny depp, don't know if it's true

NandosPeriometer Wed 30-Sep-20 20:31:18

I Seem to recall Sophie calling Miles "a young Johnny Depp" around the time that he started on MiC 🤔

Mummyoply Wed 30-Sep-20 20:34:02

I miss Francis Boulle! Along with Marc Francis they are by far the funniest on the show and possibly the poshest???

lockupthepig Wed 30-Sep-20 20:35:21

I can't stand Sam Thomson! Plays the victim so much!! I love liv!

MarthasGinYard Wed 30-Sep-20 21:23:30

'I miss Francis Boulle!'

Oh me too

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MarthasGinYard Wed 30-Sep-20 21:24:45

'I can't stand Sam Thomson!'

Neither can I, and I find his DS a complete nausebox too.

Sam was cringe from day one.

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NandosPeriometer Thu 01-Oct-20 19:36:32

Does Victoria live in Miami full time now?

Justfivemoreminutesplease Fri 02-Oct-20 09:22:43

Nandos hopefully Victoria’s got the good sense to lie low after her boyfriend / fiancée Inigo Philbrick was arrested on multi million dollar fraud charges. He was an art dealer and based in Miami. I can’t see Vicky doing jail visits for the rest of her life....

NandosPeriometer Fri 02-Oct-20 11:51:59

I had no clue about her bf ! You'd think that Mark Francis would have vetted him. I can't imagine Mark Francis being frisked on a prison visit either.

I was going to say "poor Victoria" but this is MiC so that doesn't seem so fitting. I can only imagine what he'd say if he saw her bf!

MarthasGinYard Fri 02-Oct-20 12:28:06


I must admit I miss the regular chunks of her and MF together.

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Starksforthewin Sat 03-Oct-20 21:54:43

I missed Miles! Has he left?

Zara is a grade 1 bunny boiler, and Sam Thompson isn’t worth the effort. Tiffany Watson has had too much work to her face, in my view.

iheardabell Sun 04-Oct-20 16:45:43

Is Zara a bunny boiler? I think they love winding her up and watching her go....
Melissa seems like such a bitch to me.

Insaneinthemembury Sun 04-Oct-20 16:55:40

I did feel quite sorry for zara she didn't seem to understand the nest of vipers she was landing herself in by joining mic!
Melissa always seemed like a huge bitch. She'll try and worm her way out of it somehow!
Love Liv!

Starksforthewin Sun 04-Oct-20 17:38:39

I think she has bunny boiler potential! 🐰😀

My view is probably skewed by Love Island, and that Alex guy she went out with, and the dating rules of this generation where ‘talking’ to someone else is cheating!
I think before Tiff came back on the scene she appeared a bit possessive... but I gather from ‘news’ today that she cheated on Sam early in their relationship.

Who knows? I’m far too old to pay attention to this but the the real world is so scary at the moment and diversions are welcome.

MarthasGinYard Mon 05-Oct-20 10:33:36

'Who knows? I’m far too old to pay attention to this but the the real world is so scary at the moment and diversions are welcome.'


It's my guilty pleasure

Are we all going to be watching later? grin

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supoort Mon 05-Oct-20 17:02:34

I'll definitely be watching later! I think Zara is just a bit insecure, and rightly so, as Sam does seem to Lap up the attention and drama that he gets from talking to and hanging out with tiff. I think yes of course be friends with an ex, but be respectful about it to your partner. I really dislike Sam anyway he just annoys the hell out of me 🤣.

MarthasGinYard Mon 05-Oct-20 17:07:30

ST when he first appeared, is how he will forever be ingrained in my mind.

Over acting and hideous blithering idiot

Where has Miles disappeared too, and that slimy mate of his who ended up with his Ex?

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