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Des.. ITV David Tennant Drama...

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Elderflower14 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:09:37

Who else is watching?? Hope its not too gory!!

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Housewife2010 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:15:17

I'm watching. Very gory descriptions. Dark humour when Des said he hadn't done a stock check.

Elderflower14 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:20:54

Such a good cast DT, Daniel Mays and Jason Watkins...

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Puppy72 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:21:11

Bloody love David Tennant and everything he does.. Been looking forward to this every tune I see the adverts

unique1986 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:21:22

I had a feeling I wouldn't like this it's just a bit same old same old.

Elderflower14 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:23:16

I'm surprised the dog didn't try and eat the body parts... 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮 🤮

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Puppy72 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:25:52

It's pretty grim isn't it. Boiling a head 🤮🤮🤮🤮

Toddlerteaplease Mon 14-Sep-20 21:26:55

Good so far. But Nilson is just unbelievably bizarre.

Commonwasher Mon 14-Sep-20 21:28:20

It’s pretty grim.

Puppy72 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:28:30

He's really exaggerating his accent though sounds like he's slurring

sashagabadon Mon 14-Sep-20 21:32:25

David tennant v convincing. Hadn't realised it was so many men and he had been so willing to talk.
The masks were v 2020!
I always notice ppe in hospital/ police dramas in a way i have never before!

HirplesWithHaggis Mon 14-Sep-20 21:35:07

Contrary to Puppy72, I think his accent is very mild. Nilsen was from the Broch ( Fraserburgh).

Elderflower14 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:37:28

Have gone to bed as up early tomorrow...Am recording the rest.
There is a documentary on Ch 4 or 5 at 10pm about DN...

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unique1986 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:41:26

Could do with some females in this..

Elsiebear90 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:44:01

I swear we read a book about this in secondary school for English literature, I can’t think what it was called though.

HirplesWithHaggis Mon 14-Sep-20 21:45:34

"Killing for Company"?

Defenbaker Mon 14-Sep-20 21:49:21

Tennant is chilling in this. So bizarre that when the solicitor asked him why he did it, he replied "I was hoping you could tell me that!"

Handsoffisback Mon 14-Sep-20 21:52:33

DT is excellent in this. Love Daniel Mays and Jason Watkins also. The whole story is just bizarre. IIRC, Neilson (sic?) kept the bodies for months, propped up around the house in all sorts of positions. The smell, the rotting bodies must have been awful.

Housewife2010 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:52:37

I'm surprised I don't remember any of this at the time. I remember the Yorkshire Ripper being arrested.

Puppy72 Mon 14-Sep-20 21:54:34

Love Jason Watkins!

TheSpottedZebra Mon 14-Sep-20 21:55:54

Killing for Company was the book written by the Jason Watkins character- Brian Masters.

iklboo Mon 14-Sep-20 21:57:44

* Could do with some females in this..*

Why? There weren't any in the actual event. Why shoehorn some in? It's not a soap opera.

Howcanwehelp Mon 14-Sep-20 21:59:01

This is new to me, too young to remember it in real life. I love watching the main players acting, it's chilling.

Handsoffisback Mon 14-Sep-20 22:00:49

David Tennant is playing this so well. How does someone keep bodies in their and boil heads? It’s one thing to kill someone but OMG to do that, terrifying.

Beebumble2 Mon 14-Sep-20 22:03:09

Used to push my baby past that house, at the time. Was really creepy when it all came out!
Fascinating to watch.

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