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Wife Swap USA

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Sunbird24 Mon 07-Sep-20 22:06:40

Anyone watching tonight? One couple are flat earthers and full on science deniers...

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TheFormerPorpentinaScamander Tue 08-Sep-20 04:44:48

I've just put it on, thanks insomnia hmm
That flat earther dad is delightfully batshit grin

Sunbird24 Tue 08-Sep-20 14:25:07

I loved his approach - I don’t understand it so I can’t be true, I don’t care what anyone else says.

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TheFormerPorpentinaScamander Tue 08-Sep-20 16:46:43

Yes it was a wonderful approach. Not a great parenting technique, but I loved it none the less!

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 08-Sep-20 19:38:42

Saw 1 last week

They split up tho was her 4th marriage or 5th

2 on planner

Torvean32 Wed 09-Sep-20 04:26:24

What channel is it on?

EvilPea Wed 09-Sep-20 04:36:19


I loved his approach - I don’t understand it so I can’t be true, I don’t care what anyone else says.

He didn’t understand leaves either confused

Deathraystare Wed 09-Sep-20 13:30:04

Funny that one son wants to be an astronaut but the Father does not believe anyone has been to the moon!

Deathraystare Wed 09-Sep-20 13:32:23

The last week (where the husband did fuck all and they have now split up) - Christ what a lazy sod he was!

Sunbird24 Wed 09-Sep-20 18:41:10

Was that the one where the wife got left painting the rental property all by herself, and the new wife got them doing it all together as a family? The kids loved it!

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Liddell Thu 10-Sep-20 01:07:18


It is on E4 at 10 pm on Mondays, here are the shows you have missed.

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 10-Sep-20 19:29:52

Not cuddling kids and showing love sad

wishywashywoowoo70 Sat 12-Sep-20 17:05:14

Omg these people are bonkers.

The blonde woman had clue she was the nutty one. 😂

The flat earth guy was hilarious. Totally dumb. Teaching his kids that the little leaves are leaflets
Those poor kids haven't got a hope

Great addictive telly this

Sunbird24 Mon 14-Sep-20 22:04:56

Not sure I can watch this episode - wife one thinks women exist purely to serve men, wife two is a social media influencer with a stay at home husband...

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ILoveYou3000 Tue 15-Sep-20 13:15:45

@Sunbird24 persevere. It's not as awful as it seems at the start of the episode.

wishywashywoowoo70 Tue 15-Sep-20 22:34:43


*@Sunbird24* persevere. It's not as awful as it seems at the start of the episode.

Pretty tame indeed. I was disappointed at the lack of aggro

Sunbird24 Tue 15-Sep-20 22:44:30

Yeah, have watched it now. Not what I was expecting!

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Inappropriatefemale Tue 15-Sep-20 23:11:00

As soon as Tombstone came on and spike etc then I had a sneaky feeling it wasn’t him that was old fashioned and it was his wife and I was right, I wanted the other wife to ask why the name Tombstone! I also thought there was something cute about him and the black man was gorge, it was a feel good episode and I think those 4 will probably have sex swaps next, I could just see something blushhmmwink

Blondeshavemorefun Thu 17-Sep-20 17:07:24

E3. Was good

The macho biker cooked and ate vegan food

The wife wasn’t impressed that she couldn’t do 100% for her man

Tbh no one needs to be 100% Waited on hand and foot

The house husband found it hard to do nothing with his kids

Sunbird24 Thu 17-Sep-20 17:28:18

I’m glad old-fashioned ‘surrendered wife’ woman realised that modern dad really enjoyed cooking and doing stuff with his kids, and that her way really didn’t work for him.

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Italiangreyhound Tue 22-Sep-20 00:53:11

I loved that episode. There is often a reason why people act as they do and Kerry had a very hard childhood which is why she felt the way she did.

Italiangreyhound Tue 22-Sep-20 00:53:53

Tonight's episode was great. I can't imagine how hard it would be for both wives. I wouldn't have been able to join in the pagan celebrations.

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