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Official: Claire Verity not appearing at The Baby Show

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thebabyshow Wed 03-Oct-07 12:10:13

This is an official statement from The Baby Show. Claire Verity will not be appearing at The Baby Show.

MyTwopenceworth Wed 03-Oct-07 12:11:54

Good. Some of her advice is downright dangerous.

witchandchips Wed 03-Oct-07 12:12:32

Excellent news. Jump or push do you think?

pyjamagirl Wed 03-Oct-07 12:12:36

why is she scared of getting lynched or worse cuddled? hmm

MerlinsBeard Wed 03-Oct-07 12:12:43


MerlinsBeard Wed 03-Oct-07 12:13:47

maybe the time she is "on" is the time she is supposed to stand outside for 4 hours without looking at anyonehmm

shreddies Wed 03-Oct-07 12:14:25

She'd get stoned, that's why

thelittleElf Wed 03-Oct-07 12:15:29

lol.....i bet she couldn't afford the bodyguards she would need grin

witchandchips Wed 03-Oct-07 12:32:51

have you seen this

"Verity sees her primary function as a maternity nurse as establishing a routine so that parents can “regain control of the situation”. Her guru, Truby King, first applied his childcare model of strict feeding times and fresh air to baby calves; Verity loves animals, and has a house full of them; but they don’t receive the same treatment as her clients’ babies: “Cats, dogs, they rule the roost in my house,” she says. “We’ve had to put a lock on the bedroom door because the cats swing on the handle and come in.” Doesn’t it drive you crazy, I ask? “No,” she replies with a giggle"

from times online a week or so ago
whole article is

WTF WTF WTF this woman is sick

gerbo Wed 03-Oct-07 12:38:02

ho ho ho...........that really makes me chuckle!!!!

hope the force of public/motherly opinion (I mean normal mothers, not those with 8 million pounds to pay to have their baby forced into a wretched routine and ignored conveniently) may be hitting home then if she's backed out of The Baby Show?!

MerlinsBeard Wed 03-Oct-07 12:51:57

she giggled? i have to say that i haven;t seenher smile even on that programme. she always loks very hard faced to me

DISCLAIMER: i haven;t watched the programmes all the way through because her heartless and cruel attitude to child rearing make me switch off

MyTwopenceworth Wed 03-Oct-07 12:54:59

She giggled...well, there you are, that explains everything.

She's 5.

DaisyWhoooo Wed 03-Oct-07 12:56:16

Well I'm gutted personally that she won't be at The Baby Show - I was looking forward to going along and heckling grin

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