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wife swap

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southeastastra Sun 30-Sep-07 20:13:43

haha i love pete burns.

emkana Sun 30-Sep-07 20:14:32

Is it me or is it unspeakably awful to leave your very small baby behind like this to be on farking reality TV?

chocolateshoes Sun 30-Sep-07 20:24:01

Am quite shocked that the baby has been left with someone who has never even held a baby!!!!!!!!!!

MaryBleedinPoppins Sun 30-Sep-07 20:25:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra Sun 30-Sep-07 20:26:18

his poor wife needs a break though

chocolateshoes Sun 30-Sep-07 20:27:03

am seeing Pete Burns in a hwole new light

evenhope Sun 30-Sep-07 21:00:01

My DD is the same age as "Pebbles". I couldn't leave her for 5 minutes, let alone go and live elsewhere for a week!

Her father has never changed a nappy or fed her shock. How does anyone put up with that in the 21st century?!

NappyChange Mon 01-Oct-07 08:29:26

I'm sure Pebbles spent most of the time with the grandparents. In fact, Pebbles probably spends most of her time with them because Razor's poooor girlfriend has a tough time looking after her, cleaning, cooking and not clubbing or going on glamour shoots. Life's tough.

Lovecat Mon 01-Oct-07 17:26:39

Aargh! I missed this - is it going to be repeated, does anyone know?

morgansauntie Mon 01-Oct-07 18:32:08

My Digiguide has come in very handy over the last few days smile.

Its repeated on Friday 5th october E4 9pm to 10pm

Lovecat Tue 02-Oct-07 13:11:53

Thanks very much, morgansauntie - I shall go and sky+ it tonight!

CrushWithEyeliner Tue 02-Oct-07 13:22:19

I missed this - was Pete B actually sweet to the baby?

I think DD would cry just catching a glimpse of his face tbh LOL

MamaGotaDyson Tue 02-Oct-07 13:23:44

Oh I watched htis. Pete B was very sweet to the baby actually. He came across really well. Mrs Razor was a bit of a twit imo, but so was Mr Razor

and was that baby REALLY called pebbles? ffs

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