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Does *anyone* think Claire Verity's methods are kind of OK and we are hugely overreacting?

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Pruners Wed 26-Sep-07 08:36:27

Message withdrawn

LilRedWG Wed 26-Sep-07 08:38:17

I didn't see the aforementioned programme and have never heard of the woman. I think I need to go and Google her or I'll not be able to comment on ANY threads on here for the next week or so.

fryalot Wed 26-Sep-07 08:42:39

I had the programme set on a timer, then dp rang in a panic and I needed to go and collect him (grr) so I missed it.

Was it exactly as expected?

TheMadHouse Wed 26-Sep-07 08:49:13

No No and No - even my DH was upset and that is saying something

Carotte Wed 26-Sep-07 08:51:22

No. I can see that a stricter routine might work for some people, or that it might be the only way they can cope. No-one's judging that, well I'm not.

But she was so cold, and rough with them! I think she hates babies.

Oenophile Wed 26-Sep-07 08:57:48

Not really OK, not, that newborn was clearly HUNGRY and it was cruel and wrong to leave her unfed while mum wept downstairs just to 'satisfy' the demands of a regimen which is totally against the instincts of a parent, not to mention common sense and the example of those in non-western societies who raise children without a parenting book in sight.

However as I posted on the other thread, I was raised that way, and while it was agony for my mum, I thrived fine and turned out extremely affectionate and calm by nature, which you wouldn't expect if you made the obvious prediction.

But no, I'm not saying it was OK at all, I wanted to kick CV out and let the mum run upstairs to feed and cuddle the poor wee mite. Mad and cruel.

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StealthPolarBear Wed 26-Sep-07 09:00:05

No, I have no problems with routines, although not wanting to use one with my PFB Her methods were dangerous and cruel, and her whole philosophy - that within 24 hours you should have your "life" back - is wrong IMO. Surely once you have children your life changes, it's inevitable, and is the reason lots of people choose to have babies!

barbamama Wed 26-Sep-07 09:00:14

no - too extreme. come back /gf, all is forgiven.

Cappuccino Wed 26-Sep-07 09:01:59

I didn't watch it

but one of my mates has stuck her kids in a separate room from day 1 and they are quite lovely little girls now

so I can't bray about damage

SuperMonkey Wed 26-Sep-07 09:04:00

No. I have no problem with trying to get a baby into a routine at its own pace, but leaving a baby to cry when it's only been home 24 hours is neglectful. The poor little thing has no idea what's going on. I was in floods of tears (welling up now thinking about it).

Theclosetpagan Wed 26-Sep-07 09:04:13

No - CV is a typical CHILDLESS parenting guru without any idea about being a Mum. Typical guru type ideas. The words "Silly" and "Cow" come to mind - can't think why.

Pruners Wed 26-Sep-07 09:04:25

Message withdrawn

Nbg Wed 26-Sep-07 09:06:14

shes mentally unbalanced
and whats more, has no children.

She will never know that bond or feeling of love between a woman and her child so IMO is in no position to dictate and judge parents on how to "bring up baby".

Guru my arse.

LaBoheme Wed 26-Sep-07 09:08:52

holding the newborn AWAY from you whilst feeding???!!!! angry her methods are just torture for a baby

RubySlippers Wed 26-Sep-07 09:10:47

no no no
you must not make eye contact with the baby when feeding
you must not hold her close when feeding
you must not cuddle your baby


Wisteria Wed 26-Sep-07 09:10:52

I didn't like her attitude or seemingly chilly emotionless stance & hated the no eye contact while feeding etc, 10mins cuddle max FFS!!

However I do agree with the fact that your life does not need to change completely. I don't think it does babies any harm to be in their own room from day one and we certainly had big parties etc and never worried about noise so that part I agreed with. I don't doubt that she is nearly 100% successful with fostering a routine - I just find the obsession with all that a bit strange anyway.

Looking at the 3 methods, I think I used a mixture of them all depending on what I felt at the time - so more 'Spock like' in method I suppose. The only thing that I was worried about was the sleeping with baby all the time (admittedly though I did fall asleep while feeding now and again in bed before this happened and we were fine) as one of my friends did that and killed her own child.

BlueberryPancake Wed 26-Sep-07 09:12:44

No, it's not OK. A baby's stomach is the size of a Brasil nut - if you don't feed them they can dehydrate very quickly and get sick, and on top of that if you let them cry they loose a lot of water. They can get very sick indeed, specially newborns. If she advocates not to check up on them regularly then it's complete madness. There's no word for it. And I'm not overreacting -

In principal, a routine isn't a bad thing to have even with a young baby, if it makes a parent feel more confident. But I think that her specific routine is actually very dangerous, cruel, and complete nonsense.

Beenleigh Wed 26-Sep-07 09:16:54

No, she's a mercenary bitch!

theUrbanDryad Wed 26-Sep-07 09:18:18

the thing i found the most chilling was that she advocates these routines for prem babies as well. on a full term newborn these methods are dangerous and insane. on a prem, they could potentially be fatal.

hockeypuck Wed 26-Sep-07 09:27:06

All 3 of the "experts" are on Channel 5 Wright Stuff at 10am today.

Let's shout mean things to our tvs when we see her

BlueberryPancake Wed 26-Sep-07 09:31:42

OK, one point I would like to make. It's not because a mum puts her baby in a cot from birth that she partly 'agrees' with this method. Or that a mum has a sleeping routing that she 'agrees' with this method. We all do what we think is right for us. I think that I don't have a routing, but really I do in a way. My youngest son can only stay awake for two hours in a row, so I check what time it is when he wakes up and put him in his cot two hours later and he falls asleep by himself, sometimes he'll have al ittle moan for a minute. My oldest son always eat at the same time, and has his nap time at one pm and bed time is 8, so I guess this is a routine but it doesn't mean that I 'agree' with this stupidly rigid fashion of imposing routines.

theUrbanDryad Wed 26-Sep-07 09:35:13

Blueberry - there is a big difference between looking to your children for a routine and following their lead and what this dangerously insane woman is advocating.

BabiesEverywhere Wed 26-Sep-07 09:39:02


She is NOT a parent herself and therefore IMO has no right to tell others how to ignore 'care' for their children.

kiskidee Wed 26-Sep-07 09:41:03

I should have stayed off sick today aswell.

cough sniffle splutter

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