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24 - no really? Can I really stand it?

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Cappuccino Tue 25-Sep-07 14:50:20

We have started again with series 2 of 24 we gave up after series 1 because I didn't like Kiefer's jacket in first few episodes of series 2 and knew he wouldn't be changing it

Can we really cope with the script? With that stupid blonde cow going "Oh I'm just nervous because you're my little sister!" even tho from chemistry between them they have never met before?

And does the Plan to Save The World really hang on Kiefer getting the chance to call in his findings on his mobile when and if he gets the chance to hide behind the gang's van?

Oh I know I am so far behind.... and you have all forgotten it... but is pants, yes?

StealthPolarBear Tue 25-Sep-07 14:56:13

at the jacket
Which one's series 2 - how does it start again?

Cappuccino Tue 25-Sep-07 14:57:15

oh there is a nuclear bomb

Kim is running away from the most bizarre psychotic father

Kiefer has chopped someone's head off and put it in a bag

Pruners Tue 25-Sep-07 14:57:47

Message withdrawn

Cappuccino Tue 25-Sep-07 15:09:12

this is the one with the wedding plans

it is the worst kind of wedding

all they do is move the car in and out of the drive

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