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billa Sat 22-Sep-07 23:10:37

What is your favourite episode? mine is doomsday, my son loves the daleksg got him a remote control dalek for his bday.

BBBee Sat 22-Sep-07 23:12:02

werewolf one

bran Sat 22-Sep-07 23:16:35

Hmm, I don't know the episode names, but I like the ones with Captain Jack in them. grin Especially the episode with the little boy in a gas mask.

2shoes Sat 22-Sep-07 23:32:30

the empty child

BomperlovesMoss Sun 23-Sep-07 09:31:01

I love Blink - the one with the weeping angels.

Blandmum Sun 23-Sep-07 09:31:55

Scariest ones were the Empty child and the Stone Angels.

very scary

Jamantha Sun 23-Sep-07 09:47:35

Agree with mb. They were both written by Steven Moffat, so worth looking out for more by him in the future I'd say.

Jamantha Sun 23-Sep-07 09:49:25

And when we are bathing LO we say 2remember, don't take your eyes off her, not even for a second, don't even blink" and I still feel creepy, remembering that episode.

JackieNo Sun 23-Sep-07 09:51:46

Will anyone else be watching The Sarah Jane Adventures, the spin-off on CBBC - starts Monday at 5pm, I think.

UnquietDad Sun 23-Sep-07 10:00:35

Of then new batch, "Blink" - of the old, "The Talons of Weng-Chiang."

lemonaid Sun 23-Sep-07 10:49:10

The Human Nature / Family of Blood two-parter. Blink is a very close runner-up, though.

Must remember to set recorder for The Sarah Jane Adventures...

beansprout Sun 23-Sep-07 11:06:55

Blink was damn scary.

Theclosetpagan Sun 23-Sep-07 11:17:33

Oh - cannot pick a favourite. Loved "The Impossible Planet" and "Blink". Series is just sooo good can't wait for the new one.

Also when is Torchwood back on? James Marsters (Spike from Buffy) is going to be in this series as another Time Sgent like Jack.

edam Sun 23-Sep-07 11:21:54

Ooh The Empty Child was really upsetting. Stone Angels v. frightening kept having to stop myself looking over my shoulder after that. Charles Dickens one also scared the bejaysus out of me (if I saw it again, I'd just be distracted by oozit now being in Torchwood).

Captain Jack always a bonus. SUCH a waste...

UnquietDad Mon 24-Sep-07 09:38:04

Non-fans may not know that uber-scary The Empty Child, Blink and The Girl in the Fireplace (seen as most "girl-friendly" DW) were all written by the very talented Steve Moffat of "Coupling" fame.

JonesTheSteam Wed 26-Sep-07 13:30:27

Loved Blink.

Like School Reunion - lovely to see K9 again (and I love Anthony Head, even if he was evil!!)

Yorkshirepudding Wed 26-Sep-07 13:31:07

Message withdrawn

hippipotami Thu 27-Sep-07 19:38:04

The Girl in the Fireplace freaked me out most. Those clockwork thingymijigs still give me the eebiejeebies even now (shudder)

TwoIfBySea Thu 27-Sep-07 21:56:41

Tesco are selling Doctor Who toys for half price.

Just a little note for anyone shopping for you-know-when...

And I did like Blink, although I found it quite scary, those statues. Also the one set just before WWI at the school which I found quite sad, the Doctor wanting to remain human.

My dts however love Cybermen, Daleks and the Master!

kateyp Fri 28-Sep-07 08:59:47

Blink still scares me.

Just don't blink.

TwoIfBySea Fri 28-Sep-07 20:36:14

Certainly made statues a helluva lot more interesting!

PersonalClown Fri 28-Sep-07 20:40:30

I don't get a say. Ds insists on Daleks everytime!

WinnieThePooh Fri 28-Sep-07 20:44:33

Blink is our favourite.

DaisyMOO Fri 28-Sep-07 20:46:43

Blink was great, as was Doomsday. Still working my way through the Christopher Ecclestone series, but I don't think he's a patch on DT so far (quelle surprise!)

DS3 (who's not quite 2) does a scarily accurate impression of The Wire (Hungryyyy?) probably because I spent half of the summer holidays jumping out on the kids and saying it to scare them blush

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