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Why is TV so crap at the mo??

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caspercat Sat 22-Sep-07 22:11:50

hmm Or is it just me? Don't mean to be a saddo, but i look forward to my glass of vino and a couple of hours in front of the telly, but there really is sweet Fanny Adams on tonight. Am going to bed to read HP and 'tis only 10pm!!

jemtastic Sat 22-Sep-07 22:17:38

My tele broke tonight so I havn't a clue whats on!

BomperlovesMoss Sat 22-Sep-07 22:59:01

That's why I love V-plus. We record anything that looks good, whatever time of day or night, so we always have something to watch!! Tonight was comedy night for us, we watched The IT Crowd, QI, and Phoneix Nights. Grand!!!

caspercat Sun 23-Sep-07 07:27:56

DH won't even let us get Sky, so anything resembling Sky+ not gonna happen!!

SueW Sun 23-Sep-07 07:47:34

It's a conspiracy by sites like mumsnet to get us away from the TV and onto the computer grin

We have sky+, full package, and I still can't find anything to watch most of the time.

belgo Sun 23-Sep-07 08:11:13

It's not that bad - I watched Blue Planet and the new Micheal Palin programme last night on BBC2 - both very good.

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