Below Deck addicts ahoy!

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Wrongdissection Fri 05-Jun-20 12:13:16

Anyone other than me and a couple of others on the Selling Sunset thread discovered this awesome reality series? The charter clients are insane, the crew is so bitchy (towards each other and the guests) and it’s just the most excellent escapism.

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NameChangeinHaste Fri 26-Nov-21 12:46:05

Oh no, that is sad.

Passthebubbly Fri 26-Nov-21 01:58:45

Captain mark died last month

NameChangeinHaste Thu 25-Nov-21 22:40:26

Just finishing season 1 of Below deck Med.
Captain mark is no Stud of the Sea! I can’t believe how passive he was, he seemed to have no control, and no grip on the situation.
Bryan and Bobby were just poisonous. I actually felt uncomfortable watching them m, especially with their interactions with Danny and Jen.
I really like the inside crew, especially Julia!

jay55 Thu 25-Feb-21 20:12:09

Omg will be right there.

For anyone with Hayu, the reunion for this season is on watch what happens live.
Elizabeth looked unrecognisable.

CupcakesK Thu 25-Feb-21 20:08:26

Just seen another thread - I work on a super yacht AMA. This is our chance to find out if it’s really like BD!

jay55 Fri 12-Feb-21 15:20:33

I've been watching.

Elizabeth is terrible but Ches isn't much of a chief stew either. Even at their worst Hannah and Kate could pull out the one liners and keep us entertained.

The way the guys masks slipped when Eddie promoted Izzy was fascinating.


toria658 Thu 11-Feb-21 09:33:42

Yes, season 8 episode 15. Have really missed Kate, tension between stews has been good.

Notmulan Wed 10-Feb-21 23:19:29

Anyone watching the latest series?

Carouselfish Thu 07-Jan-21 01:57:55

And what was the strong sensible gorgeous malia doing with such a moany bratty dork as Tom?

Carouselfish Thu 07-Jan-21 01:56:36

Just finished s5. God I love bugsy. And Alex.

Saoirse7 Thu 07-Jan-21 00:53:59

Just finished season 7. Holy shit! How explosive.

A few points:

*The Bru crew were acting like it was a lads holiday. They had a great friendship but too often they blurred the lines of right & wrong. Aston came across very differently this year.

* Kate is the worst kind of bitch; nasty, mean, manipulative and downright arrogant. Takes no responsibility for her actions. She grinds down and bullies one stew per season, so glad she's not on the next season.

*Captain Lee is a fucking joke, he doesn't manage the boat, he sits in his wheelhouse scratching his arse. The double standards he applies for Kate are pathetic, he never called that bitch out once.

Saoirse7 Thu 07-Jan-21 00:48:16


Almost finished season 7 and I’m really uncomfortable with the way Rhylee is treated. The men have decided she has an attitude problem right from the off because she stands up for herself and they constantly bait her into losing her temper and then sit back and bitch about her terrible attitude.

Late to the party here.

I thought Rhylee's attitude stunk, she was always on the defensive and constantly was so aggressive and nasty when asked to do simple tasks. She always felt she was under attack. She was the same with Ross & Chandler in season 6.

vjg13 Sat 02-Jan-21 11:42:33

Rachel's behaviour was awful at the preference sheet meeting or definitely edited to appear that way. I do understand why Eddie was pissed off with her although the tip was amazing.

vjg13 Sat 02-Jan-21 11:40:35

Thanks jay55 I'm already a Southern Charm viewer too. smile

jay55 Fri 01-Jan-21 21:47:08

Sorry it was a suggestion for vjg13 for similar series.

Anyway, why is Eddie so mad about Rachel returning? She totally got them the bumper tip.

Yamayo Fri 01-Jan-21 10:30:03

I'm sorry, is this a cryptic crossword clue?

jay55 Thu 31-Dec-20 20:52:27

Summer House and Southern charm are both good cheese and too much cash.

Yamayo Thu 31-Dec-20 13:10:32

I was told that Ben can be hired to do home cooking.
Is this true?????

I would love to see a Ben meltdown in my kitchen. grin

vjg13 Thu 31-Dec-20 11:49:13

I miss Kate too but really got the sense she'd had enough in her last series. I've raced through BD and totally up to date now! Anyone recommend anything similarly trashy smile

josbd Mon 28-Dec-20 02:42:46

I do not watch any reality tv except: The Below Deck/Med series.

Bloody hilarious. Each and every one. And they have not become boring either. Both series are must watch in this household.

jay55 Tue 22-Dec-20 17:31:54

Kate is not in the current season, worst luck, I really miss her one liners.

ShivD Tue 22-Dec-20 16:04:27

Ooooh, I’ve found my people. I’ve just finished series 7.

I’m a bit disappointed that Kate has become less fun recently. Is she also the chief stew in series 8?

MiddleClassProblem Tue 15-Dec-20 17:38:44

Also they are in the Caribbean. It may be possible some are people who love there or who have been in a holiday villa pre trip rather than straight from the US.

jay55 Tue 15-Dec-20 17:06:32

They can't have too many more charters if It's end of feb. Although people were travelling and the US was a few weeks behind numbers going crazy.

MiddleClassProblem Tue 15-Dec-20 15:23:07

Yeah, they should have had Shane leave at the end of last episode and made this the Rachel ep.

Do you know how many eps left?

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