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Easenders: Wos' going on?

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walbert Fri 21-Sep-07 20:29:58

Ian Beale, hauntings, strange lad in flat, Jayne blubbing: can someone tell me what is happening, why and how it's supposed to end? TA!!!!!

dustystar Fri 21-Sep-07 20:30:34

I haven't seen tonights but i reckon its Steven.

AuntJetPetunia Fri 21-Sep-07 20:31:53

Did Ian just say "Kevin!"? Who the hell is Kevin then???

Boredveryverybored Fri 21-Sep-07 20:32:35

I was wondering the same thing, who was that in the flat??

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 21-Sep-07 20:38:37

i thought he said 'it cant be'

i was thinking steven.

might watch on bbc 3 to listen hard to what he says at the end!

Tommy Fri 21-Sep-07 20:40:05

was just coming down to ask the same thing! Who is the boy? If it's Stephen (first born?) where has he been until now and what's with all the weird stuff?

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 21-Sep-07 20:40:38

tommy stven isnt ians, hes got a different dad and hes been with his dad.

AuntJetPetunia Fri 21-Sep-07 20:42:42

"It can't be" makes more sense actually! There's already a Kevin in it, so unlikely they'd bring in another. Must be Stephen. He's changed a bit since he went off to New Zealand!!

biglips Fri 21-Sep-07 20:44:04

hes whiskys son (together with Cindy)

I thought it was Wallace what with all them crackers and all. Was waiting for a voice to say "more cheese Grommet?"

eandh Fri 21-Sep-07 20:46:13

stephen was fathered by Wicksy and then he went to new zealand to be with wicksy

I had to rewind sky+ 3 times to catch the end phrase it was 'it can't be'

<<eandh wanders off from her sad soaplife existence!>>>

Why is everyone calling Wicksy anything but? He's have been called Whisky on this thread (sorry BigLips) and Wicky on the other one!

biglips Fri 21-Sep-07 21:23:05

grin......well whatever his name is!!....

tuftyclub Fri 21-Sep-07 21:26:45

the choice is yours either read this (it's wiki's profile on Steven Beale) or not ... but, it says who 'Cindy' is. here

hunkermunker Fri 21-Sep-07 21:27:03

Haha, I saw this one and haven't seen it in ages - why on earth is Jane blubbing?

(And as an aside - does anyone remember the positive pregnancy test that Denise et al found when they went on that holiday YONKS ago - whose was it and what happened?)

Tommy Fri 21-Sep-07 21:36:32

thanks for that link tufty - I hadn't watched it for ages and then stubled back into it but didn't know all the background.

I had no idea who Bobby was at all!

Couldn't see too much as I was watching on the little telly in the bedroom so missed the cream crackers thing and all the messages!

givemeadrink Fri 21-Sep-07 22:04:45

humnker munker it was dawn's pregnancy test- she now has had the baby a girl called summer

riabutterflew Fri 21-Sep-07 22:19:41

who is bobby?

hunkermunker Fri 21-Sep-07 22:26:50

Aha, was it THAT long ago?! ROFL! Thanks for that.

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