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Grandad's Back In Business - did he get the job? I need to know!

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mamhaf Wed 19-Sep-07 16:08:00

Dh recorded this and we watched it last night - BUT - the recorder stopped just at the point where Daniel Galvin was about to tell the 17-yr-old and the pensioner which one had got the job.
Can anyone tell me please?

Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 19-Sep-07 16:17:41

Do you mean the chef one? The young guy got that one. Older guy wasn't a pensioner though so I'm guessing we may be talking about different episodes here.

mamhaf Wed 19-Sep-07 16:59:36

No, it was the one in the hairdresser Daniel Galvin.
I got all excited then when I saw there was 1 reply! Only to have my hopes dashed.

TheQueenOfQuotes Wed 19-Sep-07 17:00:22

hairdressed on the 17yr old got the job......and at the time of broadcasting "Grandad" was still looking for a job in a salon.

Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 19-Sep-07 17:05:46

Sorry Mamhaf!
Still at least it bumped it for you smile

Mercy Wed 19-Sep-07 17:06:46

I wonder if any of the older people will get the job sad

What's next weeks episode about?

mamhaf Wed 19-Sep-07 17:26:57

So, QueenofQuotes, presumably it was on the grounds of her being a better hairdresser? Couldn't have been her attitude.

mamhaf Wed 19-Sep-07 17:27:32

I should say thanks QoQ too of course, for putting me out of my misery and dh out of the doghouse.

Mercy Wed 19-Sep-07 17:33:57

The idea seems to be (going by the 2 episodes I've seen) is that younger people can be more easily trained/moulded into what is expected of them by the company, whereas older people aren't so open to new ideas, are less willing to experiment etc.

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