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CASUALTY: Whose baby is that? NATHAN'S???

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ShinyHappySchmooo Sat 15-Sep-07 20:14:50

Think I missed end of last series.. Selina had an abortion didn't she? And is Selina dead???

Please explain someone!!

Mistymoo Sat 15-Sep-07 20:15:43

Selina said she had an abortion but she didn't. She is dead but they managed to deliver the baby.

Twiglett Sat 15-Sep-07 20:15:55

no she didn't, yes she is

<sniggers evilly>

Heated Sat 15-Sep-07 20:16:34

How did she die? I'm so behind!

whoops Sat 15-Sep-07 20:16:34

Selina never went through with the abortion. She told Maggie and when she was shot in the last one of the series they did and emeergency section to save the baby

Fimbo Sat 15-Sep-07 20:17:31

I asked the very same question this week! I too missed the ending of last series.

Apparently Selina got shot by a patient and died. She hadn't actually gone through with the abortion and told Maggie as she lay dying. Stitch (thank god he's gone too) performed an emergency C-section. But the baby must be under 30 weeks (am not watching at the moment as helping dd with her school maths homework hmm)

Heated Sat 15-Sep-07 20:17:52

So did Nathan know she was still pg or was the baby a total surprise?

Mistymoo Sat 15-Sep-07 20:18:56

Total surprise

tutu100 Sat 15-Sep-07 20:26:39

She was only about 16 weeks wasn't she. I'm sure she wsn't far enough along to save the baby.

binkleandflip Sat 15-Sep-07 20:27:44

Who's nathan?

I like the jittery nervous bloke doc, whats his name, the one whose dad has a beard, he's well cute

sparklygothkat Sat 15-Sep-07 20:28:50

she was 24 weeks but harry said she was 27 weeks to get them to save the baby

binkleandflip Sat 15-Sep-07 20:30:12

am I thinking of Holby City?

anniebear Sun 16-Sep-07 11:07:10

think Holby!

How come Dixie was in hospital?

I presume to do with the blast last week? But I cant remember her being hurt

(I really cant stand her!)

Lilymaid Sun 16-Sep-07 11:15:17

Not sure whether I like the change to the "reality TV" type atmosphere as it all looks rather dark and I can't hear what everyone is saying unless the TV is turned up full blast! (Could be my age). I missed the last episode so was confused by the death of Selina - but all registrars in Casualty come to a sticky end. I particularly relished the series where the hospital was burned down and the Canadian (?) registrar died. When the new series started, the A&E was in temporary premises for one episode and when someone asked "Where's Mike?" Harry said "He didn't make it".

whoops Sun 16-Sep-07 13:47:00

I couldn't remember why Dixie was in hospital either!
I'm not sure of the new style either and how the hospital has miraculously (sp) had a makeover too

morgansauntie Sun 16-Sep-07 17:06:08

I think Dixie had an asthma attack as she was talking about peak flow readings.

Sometime may have passed since Selina's death i.e. enough time for the makeover because I'm sure the doctor said the baby was 30 weeks it was about 24 weeks when it was born wasn't it?. It was a bit or a surprise seeing Alice as a health care assistant, not sure how she's going to get on but she has got that new doctor looking out for her wink

anniebear Sun 16-Sep-07 19:23:19

Obviously you go for the receptionists job as then you go on to become a health care assistant lol!!!

Maybe the next will too as did Sam

lisad123 Sun 16-Sep-07 19:31:30

selina was shot by mad lady, baby was delivered by section. Its Nathans, well was!
Dixie inhaled some of the bomb chemicals last week grin can you tell im addicted. ehehe

ShinyHappySchmooo Sun 16-Sep-07 20:01:54

You don't need any qualifications to be a health care assistant. You merely need to pass a CRB (criminal records bureau) check, and then, hey presto, you are right in the there doing everything a qualified nurse , with a degree, does.. and more (they like to leave the really shitty stuff.. literally.. to the HCAs).. except taking blood, setting up IVs and dispensing drugs.

And HCAs can even take blood once they've got a small qualification for that.

AllieBongo Sun 16-Sep-07 20:03:29

i cannot get used to the new camera work/film on casualty, and all the gore. it sucks

lisad123 Sun 16-Sep-07 20:05:32

I had a lovely HSA take my bp in clinic last week, she nearly had a heart attack when she couldnt make out the BP as it was so high. She then paniced a little when she took my heart rate. Poor girl
I would love to be a HCA but never got inot it, although am qualified to work with children and families.

lisad123 Sun 16-Sep-07 20:07:03

almost forgot we arent alking real life LOL.
Am i the only one that thought it was odd we never found out what happened tot he baby, that was left on building site, other than he was alive?! Did the loony woman get to go off with him??

ShinyHappySchmooo Sun 16-Sep-07 20:13:32

Good HCAs are worth their weight in gold. Sadly, the NHS pay them such crap money that a quite a few do it when they have no real caring instincts towards to patients they "care" for whatsoever.. it's "just a job".

My sister is a good HCA. She really takes pride in her work. She has just got a new job at a private hospital in Harley St and starts next week but during her time in the NHS she worked for the flexi-bank so could be out on any ward at a moments notice. She was always telling me about patients (mainly in elderly care) who she would be giving a wash, changing etc and it was blatantly obvious that they hadn't been washed/cared for properly and throughly for some time as there would be dirt in the "creases"/under their finger nails etc. She would take care to clean them them up really well and she was often getting remarks like "thank you so much.. you're one of the nicest ones here" and "you really enjoy your job don't you?" She did enjoy it.. she just couldn't afford to carry on working for such a crap wage.

morgansauntie Sun 16-Sep-07 21:43:07

well said ShinyHappySchmooo, personally I'm very glad there are people like your sister working in the health service. I have a lot of serious health problems so visit many different departments in the NHS on a regular basis IMO I have always received the best help, support and treatment from those people like your sister who do care. After 10 years of treatment I can spot someone just doing their job a mile off and it does make a difference, well it does to me. I wish your sister well in her new job sadly it seems that the NHS is losing the people it really needs.

ShinyHappySchmooo Sun 16-Sep-07 21:46:25

Thanks MA. I'll tell her you said that

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