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Afterlife series 2 [CONTAINS SPOILERS] - **Edited by MNHQ at OP's request]

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TofutiKline Fri 24-Apr-20 18:18:15

Binge watched it today. Loved it. Particularly the man who identifies as an 8 year old girl. The TRAs are going to hate it 😁

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AnyFucker Fri 24-Apr-20 18:19:09

Where is it on please

MadisonAvenue Fri 24-Apr-20 18:24:04

We’ve watched and loved it!

Anyfucker it’s on Netflix.

iklboo Fri 24-Apr-20 18:30:53

Ooh can you put SPOILERS in the title please? We've not had chance to watch it yet smile

AnyFucker Fri 24-Apr-20 18:46:12


TofutiKline Fri 24-Apr-20 20:05:31

I’ve asked for SPOILERS in the title 😁

Hurry back anyone who watches it - itching to talk about it 😁

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TofutiKline Fri 24-Apr-20 20:08:29

Thank you HQ 😘

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TofutiKline Fri 24-Apr-20 20:11:10

So..... I think RG overdoes the swearing sometimes and drifts into gratuitous coarseness but I think the beautiful moments more than make up for that.

I loved seeing Penelope Wilton and Peter Egan together again 🥰

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MrAlyhakinsMassiveYacht Fri 24-Apr-20 20:35:28

The show made me laugh a lot. And the trans bit was hilarious. As was the plastic surgery lady.

And the writing was so good, so poignant about grief and loss and family. I watched it all in one go.

However, having seen his standup routine about his RL mother's actual funeral I was expecting more from the funeral in this.

TofutiKline Fri 24-Apr-20 20:40:59

I like how he uses actors from his other shows. Plastic surgery lady was the young girl from Derek. The theatre director was Geoff from Derek. Lenny was in Derek.... etc. I’m sure I recognised the sweary 100 year old lady from somewhere too....

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TofutiKline Fri 24-Apr-20 20:42:29

.... oooh I was right!! It was Annette Crosbie from One Foot in the Grave! 😂

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MrAlyhakinsMassiveYacht Fri 24-Apr-20 20:42:45

Annette Crosby I think she was?

TofutiKline Fri 24-Apr-20 20:46:44

Yep 😁

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Neverending2020 Fri 24-Apr-20 20:57:39

Can't wait to binge watch this. I loved the first season.

happinessischocolate Fri 24-Apr-20 23:33:54

Just finished watching it, haven't cried so much in a long time 🙁 how is it possible to laugh and sob at the same time. FFS Ricky I'm going to have puffy eyes tomorrow

AlinaSquareQueen Sat 25-Apr-20 09:54:29

I absolutely love Afterlife and anything RG does, especially The Office.

I recommended Afterlife to my DM and DF, who are in their 80s, as something to binge-watch during lockdown. They absolutely love it too, despite the very strong language! My DM said it’s giving them some well-needed light relief from current global situation.

Thisisworsethananticpated Sat 25-Apr-20 10:21:45

I’m binging series 2 ! It’s so bloody funny and awful

The stand up
The awful therapist
The fat clown
The postman

So good 😊 so bad

TofutiKline Sat 25-Apr-20 11:15:19

I love Pat and Roxy together - so sweet. She’s a great character and beautifully acted. They all are to be fair.

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MyBlueMoonbeam Sat 25-Apr-20 11:32:52

Disappointed in Season 2

Therapist was gross had to fast forward those bits.

Workplace was too much like "The Office".

Acting was good but overall it was nowhere near as good as Season 1 for me.

jay55 Sat 25-Apr-20 22:30:22

I also didn't like the therapist. I get that, let's push as far as I can, is a RG thing but if have rather seen more from the women at work's lives.

But I cried for the last two episodes. A man dying in a care home without his son there is too much for me right now, even though he got to see him just before unlike the current reality.

The small comedy worked a lot better than the broad stuff for me.
Penelope Wilton was lovely.
The dog was gorgeous again.
And overall I really enjoyed it.

Need to watch something silly now to cheer up.

Fleetheart Sun 26-Apr-20 11:44:07

I thought it was great
Much better than series 1. Therapist was a bit OTT and unbelievable; also the ending was not quite right. Not sure why all the ends had to be tied up like that. But overall really sensitive and well done. I loved the scenes with the postman. And the dog.

Tanfastic Sun 26-Apr-20 20:02:28

I loved it, binge watched it this weekend. Preferred the second series to the first actually. The therapist 🥴😂😂😂 shocking!

I have never laughed and cried so much today, actually sobbing on last episode. Best telly in ages.

Ihopeyourcakeisshit Mon 27-Apr-20 10:56:51

I've only seen the first 2 episodes, but I agree about the sweary bits and coarseness.
I'm no Mary Whitehouse but it just seemed gratuitous and unbelievable with the therapist.

DeadBod Mon 27-Apr-20 12:31:53

Binged watched over 2 nights, loved it EXCEPT for the therapist, he got on my nerves.
His scenes with Penelope Wilton were my favourite.

Minesacider Mon 27-Apr-20 14:00:57

I've just finished watching. Yes, some of it was extremely crude, and I could have done without those parts, but in the main I thought it was even better than S1. I binge watched over two days, because I really wanted to see where it went. Sad, and hilarious and poignant, I do t know how RG can write it so well, he's brilliant.

The scene with the middle aged man identifying as an 8yo girl was all the more hilarious because RG knows it will have people on Twitter gunning for him again. "You're not trans, you're having a fucking breakdown".

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