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What happened to Selina in the last series of Casualty?

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Fimbo Wed 12-Sep-07 13:47:25

Did she not have an abortion after all?

Did she die though?

bobsmum Wed 12-Sep-07 13:48:37

She died sad, but baby is still alive cos the management type twerp ex was snivelling into the incubator in the last episode - what a cad.

evenhope Wed 12-Sep-07 13:59:04

She told everyone she'd had an abortion but in the last episode just before she got shot (by a patient's wife) she admitted to the other female doctor (Maggie?) that she hadn't gone through with it. So when they were just about to give up on the resucitation Maggie told Stitch about the baby and they performed an emergency c-section. No idea how far along she was supposed to be because it was touch and go whether they were going to save the baby.

Fimbo Wed 12-Sep-07 14:18:17

Ty. Wouldn't have thought she was that far along. Did Nathan confess undying love to her?

sparklygothkat Wed 12-Sep-07 14:21:20

she was 24 weeks I believe. But Harry said she was 27 weeks to get them to try and save the baby

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