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Merlin Sat 08-Sep-07 21:55:04

Swoon - lurrrrvvve his voice and the way he talks to everyone - comes across as very caring.

Merlin Sat 08-Sep-07 21:55:42

and he doesn't like swearing ........ bless!

Usborne Sat 08-Sep-07 21:58:00

He's just lovely!!

rantinghousewife Sat 08-Sep-07 21:58:32

I doubt his former wives would agree with you on that one grin

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 08-Sep-07 21:58:39

Step away from MPW. He's mine, I tell you.

Merlin Sat 08-Sep-07 22:01:05

Oh I know he seems to have had bad relationships but ......... he's scrummy!!!!

I just got all excited about the way he asked Jim if he wanted milk in his tea .... god I must get out more!!!!

Usborne Sat 08-Sep-07 22:19:07

My husband thinks I'm weird!!! Glad I'm not the only one who thinks he's fab!! Is it just me or does he make a boring recipe sound sexy?

Wilkie Sat 08-Sep-07 22:20:36

He is nom nom I have to say even though he is OOOOLLLLLDDDD

BettySpaghetti Sat 08-Sep-07 22:22:21

hmm Have you all got your beer goggles on?

BecauseImWorthIt Sat 08-Sep-07 22:23:39

Oh no. Calm, commanding, in charge, good with food.


plus, actually probably younger than me grin

BettySpaghetti Sat 08-Sep-07 22:26:15

His voice has something about it I admit but...well, how do I put it? Hes no oil painting wink grin

womba1 Sat 08-Sep-07 22:26:48

If Gordon spoke like MPW then mmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm.... i'd be licking the tv screen!!

I just love people that are passionate about what they do...and well, if they look and sound dead sexy, thats just a bonus!


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