Is any one else a bit in love with Freddie flintoff on Top gear

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AnyFucker Sun 16-Feb-20 21:36:03

I fancy him too

Far too young for me though

Raffles1981 Sun 16-Feb-20 20:54:10

I'm glad it's not just me! He's not particularly good looking but his calm, cool attitude, willing to give anything a go. He's just yum.

boringcreation Sun 16-Feb-20 20:51:46

'*Top Gear*' not Too Gear...sigh

boringcreation Sun 16-Feb-20 20:50:45

Lllot5 -totally agree. Used to really like him on ALOTO but he just comes across as a bully on Too Gear (format hasn't changed there then..). I don't know who's worse, Freddy or Paddy for joining in like a puppy

Butternutsqoosh Sun 16-Feb-20 20:46:55

🙋🏼‍♀️me!! I bet he's naughty 😁

WheresThatCatGoneNow Sun 16-Feb-20 20:42:58

Oh, mrsmoppp!

Shame on you grin

I'm proud of my accent

AgeLikeWine Sun 16-Feb-20 20:39:04

It’s so annoying that Fred is slimmer and fitter now than when he was playing for England. By his own admission, he used to be a proper fat lad. How many more test wickets would have taken if he had been properly fit?

He definitely looks better now, but Alastair Cook and Jimmy Anderson are even more handsome wink.

mrsmoppp Sun 16-Feb-20 20:25:52

I'm also from preston the accent is awful 🙈

Lllot5 Sun 16-Feb-20 20:21:23

I gone right off him. Never did do anything for me but now I think he’s a bully.

WheresThatCatGoneNow Sun 16-Feb-20 20:20:11

You can't beat a Preston lad.

I should know - I am one 😉

What about Paddy? Bolton's less than 20 miles from Preston!

Crockof Sun 16-Feb-20 12:53:08

I've suddenly become interested in Top Gear, husband and kids wonder why.... Freddie is gorgeous.

TitsInAbsentia Sun 16-Feb-20 12:50:39

I totally would grin

WheresThatCatGoneNow Sat 15-Feb-20 12:00:04

I have exactly the same accent 😉!

ineedanotherholiday Fri 14-Feb-20 22:42:18

Thought I would as he is nice looking but top gear has actually put me off him a bit.

TheWoodsareDarkandDeep Fri 14-Feb-20 22:37:21

Im swooning all over the place. He’s so kind and says just the right things but so macho- and that accent!
Really enjoying top gear with these presenters actually - it’s so refreshing without the sexism and racism of the old crew.

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