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TyneTeas Thu 05-Mar-20 22:43:02

Just watched the last two episodes. I think I may have something in my eye!

fastliving Wed 19-Feb-20 22:38:17

I loved this...gently funny, with flawed but lovable characters and lots of important issues being tackled and prejudices challenged.
I wonder if they will do a series 3?

icelolly99 Mon 17-Feb-20 15:09:00

I'm going to watch this next. It came up as a suggestion after I'd finally got round to watching Derry Girls last week!

Thunderpunt Sat 15-Feb-20 20:58:39

Love this, first series was great, this is proving even better imho.
Hope it continues as well as it has started

Hesperatum Sat 15-Feb-20 15:44:37

Very amusing but manages to highlight sensitive issues well.

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FLOrenze Sat 15-Feb-20 10:19:40

I love this programme. The marmalade one made be laugh. Even DH, who say he does not like the programme , was Chuckling.

RickOShay Fri 14-Feb-20 14:44:45

I’m really enjoying it, apart from the mum who somehow strikes an insincere note.

Hesperatum Fri 14-Feb-20 14:43:52

Anyone else watching? So far, so good.

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