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i love nigella

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DarrellRivers Mon 03-Sep-07 20:34:32

on now
830pm bbc2

beansprout Mon 03-Sep-07 20:35:07

Oh, she's just so real, isn't she?


Bibis Mon 03-Sep-07 20:36:39

thanks, have just set sky+, missed the beginning though sad

DarrellRivers Mon 03-Sep-07 20:37:27

oh beansprout, you have to believe

beansprout Mon 03-Sep-07 20:39:15

Sorry, she's just a bit annoying for me (but I won't stay and rant, I have now changed channels!)

DarrellRivers Mon 03-Sep-07 20:40:14

you are forgiven beansprout my child
go in peace to other channels

PinkMartini Mon 03-Sep-07 20:42:49

Oooh envy of her lovely bedroom with matching wallpaper and amazing bedspread.

I love the way they are shwoing the commuters and then she glides into a taxi!

DarrellRivers Mon 03-Sep-07 20:43:10

a busy day indeed hmm

beansprout Mon 03-Sep-07 20:43:38

I take your blessing and my leave, DR smile

DarrellRivers Mon 03-Sep-07 20:49:58

she getting a taxi to waitrose now to buy her chops grin

PinkMartini Mon 03-Sep-07 21:01:38

shock She wants to take her makeup before she goes to bed. Slattern.

DarrellRivers Mon 03-Sep-07 21:02:22

i've changed my mind and take back my op grin

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