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Rosebz Wed 12-Feb-20 00:38:07

On BBC she does. ITV seems to be using selective views.

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mistermagpie Thu 13-Feb-20 14:50:46

I still think she looks fab by the way, I just think you're deluded if you think she has a bmi slap bang in the middle of the healthy range.

Theroigne Thu 13-Feb-20 15:52:57

Agree @mistermagpie. When I looked like she did in the bikini pic I was about 8 stone, and I’m 5’9. That’s a bmi of 16.5 and WAY into the underweight zone.

Theroigne Thu 13-Feb-20 16:00:11

Ps and looking back at old pics I would argue that I still looked amazing even then: glowing skin, toned body, shiny hair. I still had periods and managed to conceive.

However I was only eating about 800 calories a day and working out at for at least an hour of high impact gym work. This went on, on and off for about twenty years (I was 7st8 at my lowest).

I was young so I looked great - but my mental health was shot to pieces and I was completely controlled by my weight. If I’d carried on like that into my forties I think I’d be looking at an old age of osteoporosis. I really hope I haven’t done too much damage as it is!

Wauden Fri 14-Feb-20 18:39:25

So long as she is healthy and happy, that is what matters.

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