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QueenOfTheAndals Tue 11-Feb-20 08:45:42

I quite enjoyed the first series a couple of years ago but didn't realise it had been commissioned for a second. Looking forward to it tonight, and Nicola's wardrobe too!

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Squigean Sat 22-Feb-20 09:59:51

I was thinking that missyB1. I mean teenagers can be notoriously vague about their lives even when their parents are seeing them regularly.

Squigean Sat 22-Feb-20 10:08:13

Beginning to wonder what the point of Rise and her husband are. So wet the pair of them.
Think they might be there for the contrast. Hannah and Nathan have everything (on paper) and Rose and James (?) don't. Rose and James seem to support and respect each other, they are at the start of their marriage.

OverByYer Sat 22-Feb-20 18:09:53

Thanks @QueenOfTheAndals I even like their Mothers clothes

OverByYer Sat 22-Feb-20 18:11:43

@Squigean yes I see, still dull though!
I’ve got 2 episodes to go.
Agree with PP I don’t know how Hannah fits it all in, the kids do seem a bit neglected apart from the odd kiss on the head as she comes in

QueenOfTheAndals Sat 22-Feb-20 18:19:15

I always imagine Mumsnet's Xenia as being like the mum in this!

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OverByYer Sat 22-Feb-20 20:22:06

Also how does Hannah find time to have lots of moody walks along the river?

Squigean Wed 04-Mar-20 11:32:11

Has everyone go off and watched them all and is on the other thread?!!

Nathan's annoying me. Naturally her affair is far worse and betraying. He just snagged someone he didn't know.

Clawdy Wed 04-Mar-20 21:34:24

This week's episode was so gripping, and so well acted. When Nathan swept everything off his desk! Strangely, I feel sympathy for all three, Hannah, Nathan and Christie.

Annasgirl Fri 06-Mar-20 20:19:38

Oh I found you all - am in Ireland too so I try to avoid the other thread. I like Christie - if it was a choice between him and Nathan there would be no contest for me. But agree, what do they both see in Hannah?

I love the middle sister - her clothes are my favourite. But wow, she's a mess. Is it just me or do we seem to see lots of high powered women who always drink a lot on TV now? It used to be a cup of tea, now it's a glass of wine.

I adore the clothes Donna Air wears too and TBH they suit my life more (I'm more school run and park run than city law).

It's great that they are doing coercive control since there have been some recent laws enacted in the UK (I spend a lot of time on your feminism and relationships boards!!!).

Sertchgi123 Sat 07-Mar-20 07:19:37

I love, love, love this show. Fabulous clothes, fabulous women, it’s just fabulous!

burnoutbabe Mon 09-Mar-20 09:45:14

Yes love it and watching bbc speed.
I do feel sorry for Nathan and if he always suspected she loved someone else, it explains a few things, he did always seem a bit doormat ish.

BunnytheBee Mon 09-Mar-20 18:30:45

I’m on episode 2 of series 2

I take it you have all watched now’

LadyEloise Wed 11-Mar-20 19:12:38

BunnyBeeI haven't. I missed the first 15 minutes of the episode last night. Can anyone tell me what happened please.

BunnytheBee Wed 11-Mar-20 19:46:10

What was last nights?

I’m on episode 6 of series 2

BunnytheBee Wed 11-Mar-20 21:25:34

I haven’t finished yet but I think Hannah is a bit of a twat and quite selfish.

She made such a point of getting over what Nathan did but what she did was so much worse.

She kept Christie hanging on with her hot and cold. She loved them both (and what a burden that was) then she chose Nathan. She said the sex was better with Christie but then it was always Nathan and he was “everything else” but then why mess around with Christie all this time?!

LadyEloise Thu 19-Mar-20 12:22:45

Is there going to be a third series ?
I presume with the ending there will be.

QueenOfTheAndals Thu 19-Mar-20 12:57:45

I hope there is. Sod Hannah, I want to see what happens with Nina and Tyler!

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LadyEloise Thu 19-Mar-20 18:39:01


thenightsky Sun 29-Mar-20 20:12:24

Oh my goodness, I've just watched all of S1 and S2 back to back over the last four days. shock

How did I miss this when it was on proper telly? I loved it.

How the hell does Hannah walk so far to work in those shoes - her sister always wears trainers and changes. Does Hannah own any skirts without exposed zips?

JudyCoolibar Mon 30-Mar-20 01:21:33

I found Christie distinctly creepy right from when he first appeared. Team Nathan all the way here.

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