Rio and Kate : becoming a step family

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covetingthepreciousthings Mon 10-Feb-20 19:41:43

Anyone else going to be watching this tonight?

I watched the first one with Rio talking about the grief of losing Rebecca, it was so heartbreaking what the family all went through, I'm so pleased he seems to have found happiness. He seems like a nice guy.

BBC 1 at 9pm tonight.

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Oblomov20 Sun 16-Feb-20 15:42:29

"What next a book or series called 'The StepMummy Diaries' where she muses on the hardship of marrying a multi millionaire and organising PE kits?

Oh god. You're probably spot on."


CallMeOnMyCell Sun 16-Feb-20 15:12:58

I agree, really don’t see why taking the photos down was necessary and Rio was so insensitive when he told the kids. Kate should have just sucked it up, Rebecca is no threat to her.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Sun 16-Feb-20 11:04:39

I just don't see the hurry to get married. They're loaded, she could have a flat nearby,they could see each other every day, spend lots of time together and just take things gradually. She would have her own space and wouldn't feel the need to rip out the kitchen - dear God,those poor kids,they'd have had so many memories of their mum in that kitchen all togethersad

Kate looked like a rabbit in the headlights due to the shocking amount of Botox she's had!

Wineislifex Sun 16-Feb-20 10:48:43

I thought it was a hard watch, those kids in the support group talking about their experiences was heartbreaking. Rios dad came across as quite nasty I thought, Kate seemed like a rabbit in the headlights and Rio dead behind the eyes. I cringed when she was talking about wanting to change the house and take the photos down, although I do understand where she’s coming from but maybe it was all a bit too much too soon? I feel so sorry for the kids, I hope they are as happy as the can be given the circumstances.

purpleme12 Sun 16-Feb-20 10:39:54

I just thought he was one of those people that don't smile loads some people don't. I don't know much about him I'm just going from the programme

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Sun 16-Feb-20 10:36:57

Did Rio smile at all during the documentary?I didn't see him once engaged with his kids,he's very dead eyed. And yes, he lost his wife and mum in the space of two years and is grieving, I would think even more of a reason not to get married so quickly.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Sun 16-Feb-20 09:55:18

Rio's dad made his feelings very cleargrin

I can't believe Kate actually said "I thought we were the only ones going through this." Really, you thought you were the only step/ bereaved family?" Talk about egocentric!

oncemorewithfeeling99 Sun 16-Feb-20 09:46:18

If they honestly were putting the children first they would never be making this documentary. The poor children have lost their mum, then their gran, then in an incredibly short period of time dad marries a young woman. Even if all this is as well intentioned as possible, it still is hugely difficult time. You don’t parade your children on TV like that. As a dad, it’s his job to put the children first and protect them. Instead he had made their childhood a circus. I’m livid about it actually.

WhatKatyDidNot Sun 16-Feb-20 09:38:49

Thinking back now, Rio's father didn't seem particularly keen on Kate.

Starksforthewin Sun 16-Feb-20 03:49:29

I agree with every word of your post, you’ve summed up the thoughts I had watching the programme.

Kate was deeply unpleasant and egotistical on Towie and now she is trying to convince us she is Mother Theresa.

Rio is a shit, with a track record of appalling infidelity. Kate saw her chance, and definitely has £££ signs in her eyes.

She tried to make the viewers feel sorry for HER. Not the young woman who died, having to leave her children behind, or the children themselves, HER.

The moving of the photos and her desire for a new kitchen that “wasn’t Rebecca’s” was so insensitive.

I note the wider family wasn’t included in the programme. Rebecca’s family is probably disgusted and still grief stricken. I hope they get to see the children.
You could see Rio’s father was NOT impressed with his son’s behaviour, moving Kate in so quickly.

Totally selfish pair, exploiting those children for their own “celebrity”.

MrsPelligrinoPetrichor Sat 15-Feb-20 18:06:32

*I feel so horrendously terrible for the children to be honest. I think it’s awful the way Rio and Kate are courting publicity when it’s his children’s mother who died.
He can bleat all he likes about how much he loved her but he didn’t love her much when he was fucking anything with a pulse, so I limit my sympathy for him.
As for Kate, I think she goes overboard with the crying and ‘it’s so hard’ but I don’t have strong feelings one way or another. It probably is very hard. The only opinion I have on her harks back to her TOWIE days, and she was awful then, but that was some time ago now.
Imo the children deserve to be taken away from the spotlight and allowed to grieve in private, not filmed in such raw moments. It’s not right, and R&K should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves for subjecting bereaved children to that*

I agree with every word of this post.

Too much too soon imo. I have no opinions on adults moving on quickly with a new partner but I do have very strong opinions on giving children time and space to grieve properly and taking things VERY slowly and 2 years to move someone in ,rip the kitchen out and get married is an awful lot for kids to cope with.

Boredbumhead Sat 15-Feb-20 13:35:14

She's doing all the wifework was the impression I got. He wasnt really emotionally engaging with the kids.

WhatKatyDidNot Sat 15-Feb-20 13:30:24

What next a book or series called 'The StepMummy Diaries' where she muses on the hardship of marrying a multi millionaire and organising PE kits?

Oh god. You're probably spot on.

Janaih Sat 15-Feb-20 12:47:37

@CantSayJack spot on.

Sure she will have her own little cash cow before long.

GetOffYourHighHorse Sat 15-Feb-20 09:47:24

'feel so horrendously terrible for the children to be honest. I think it’s awful the way Rio and Kate are courting publicity when it’s his children’s mother who died. He can bleat all he likes about how much he loved her but he didn’t love her much when he was fucking anything with a pulse, so I limit my sympathy for him. As for Kate, I think she goes overboard with the crying and ‘it’s so hard’

Yes, it was just awful and self indulgent. Totally exploiting a tragic situation, they seem so fake imo. What next a book or series called 'The StepMummy Diaries' where she muses on the hardship of marrying a multi millionaire and organising PE kits?

Step families and of course particularly those with bereaved childrencan be emotionally challenging, but you don't share it with the world. The kids deserve privacy.

I didn't watch it all, the graveside scene was totally inappropriate. Did Rebecca's family comment at all? I wonder what they make of Kate's constant 'it's so hard' self pitying. No, I tell you what's 'so hard', dying tragically young and leaving young DC behind.

Cremebrule Fri 14-Feb-20 21:48:24

I’ve just watched it and I did warm to Kate more than I was expecting but I did find some of it quite uncomfortable and it is hard watching the documentaries knowing just quite unfaithful Rio had been. The thing that struck me though was how much it was about supporting Kate with the kids, how much she was doing etc. There was part of me that was wondering how much he did and whether he was really moving her in to be a live-in nanny. I suspect that can be a reason a lot of men seem to move quicker than women post divorce or bereavement.

MissEliza Fri 14-Feb-20 21:30:47

It's good they are drawing attention to the issue of child bereavement but their personal situation looks a bit shifty. It doesn't feel right that she seems to be doing the lions share of the parenting. Obviously he needs to go out and make a living but when he was at home, he just seemed to expect to be waited on hand and foot, while Kate ran after the kids.
I thought moving Rebecca's pictures was ridiculous. It was a very poor and selfish decision.

CantSayJack Fri 14-Feb-20 21:02:50

Bit late but finally got round to watching.
I feel neither Kate or Rio came off well at all.
Rio won a BAFTA for the first documentary in which he thanked Kate who was sat in the audience (not exactly long after Rebecca passed) not once did he mention Rebecca’s name. I thought that was crass at the time but this documentary takes the biscuit.
He’s allowed cameras to film his children grieving at their Mother and Nans gravesides. Poor Tia, my heart broke for her.
Again, he didn’t seem too concerned when talking about Rebecca, he can barely bring himself to mention her name. He was a serial cheat and doubt he ever loved her yet declared how much he loves Kate which is a slap in the face to Rebecca’s family.
Tia was sobbing at their wedding, again why did he allow that to be filmed?
The way he spoke to his kids about taking down their Mothers photos was so wrong, it was all about how it was making Kate uncomfortable. The mother of his children passed away with a horrendous disease so young and not long ago and all he can think about is his latest cock warmer being uncomfortable. The mind boggles.
As for Kate, she had a lot to do with the photos being taken down and put into a room she doesn’t have to look at. Utterly selfish. How would she feel if pictures of her Mum were removed? No doubt there are now photos of her and Rio and her family all over the place.
It was all about HER and how SHE feels. The way she spoke about Rebecca at times was so disrespectful, especially when she spoke about replacing the kitchen because it was Rebecca’s taste.
She should not be allowed to touch Rebecca’s things, that’s for Rebecca’s family to sort as well as her kids.
She is 100% in this for her own gain, she’s biding her time before she has her own kids so they can take centre stage. Her mask with the kids will fall then, it slipped when she had a go at Tate for touching the dishwasher. She is extremely fake and not a good role model for Tia especially.
It’s only a matter of time before Rio reverts to type and accidentally trips and his penis slips into another woman’s vagina 🙄 he also made a slip of the tongue.... he asked how long they’d been together and said is it ffff (four) when she quickly said 2 🤔
Also, didn’t Kate announce she was going to step away from reality TV and the limelight? Didn’t take her long to get back in it did it? Fame-hungry and landed on her feet. Disgraceful.

It’s the children I feel sorry for, those poor kids 💔

BeaStoic Thu 13-Feb-20 18:59:44

Rio and Kate's children will be fine

Rebecca and Rio's children.

WhatKatyDidNot Thu 13-Feb-20 18:03:55

I watched it. I thought Kate came over quite well as genuinely committed to doing her best for the kids. The kids themselves actually seemed more well adjusted and confident in their own skins than either of the adults, who were devoting themselves to endless navel-gazing for the benefit of the cameras.

I didn't like the scenes by the graveside, which seemed exploitative to me and both Kate and Rio seemed intent on manufacturing huge psychodramas and pushing them onto the kids, which made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

Their mother died and their grandmother died. It's impossibly sad. I'm not convinced that making them the centre of a TV documentary, when actually they appear to be coping remarkably well considering, was in their best interests.

ooooohbetty Thu 13-Feb-20 17:09:01

@bluerussian he married his first wife in 2009 I think. One of the women in the article was seeing him before and after he got married.

ClappyFlappy Thu 13-Feb-20 15:23:49

I only saw the first few minutes. I can’t bear the way society and the media in this country overlooks the shitty way men behave and puts them on pedestals just because they have to face a bit of hardship. I’ll give you not only Rio but Gareth Thomas and Stan Collymore as well

CadburySpira Thu 13-Feb-20 15:20:06

I felt sorry for Kate, seemed like she has taken on about ninety percent of the parenting and Rio seemed to hardly be doing anything. It did seem like there was only a few days filming involved though so it's not going to be a clear picture. Also seemed like maybe the documentary makers had touted it as being about child bereavement and helping them and other step-families.

Christinayangtwistedsister Thu 13-Feb-20 15:01:51

Long coffee

What a very honest and insightful post

AudacityOfHope Thu 13-Feb-20 14:48:45

I don't know what's 'crass' about being remarried after five years? The kids said they were all happier to be a family unit again with a mother figure in it, so who gives a shit what looks seemly to those outside looking in?

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