Inside Number 9 - Series 5

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CaptainHammer Mon 03-Feb-20 11:03:48

Starts tonight! 🎉
10pm BBC 2

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TheSummoningDark Thu 12-Mar-20 09:17:46

The bit with the gunshots doesn't make sense because it's pretty much impossible that he could have saved his partner and taken down multiple assailants with no weapon or backup.

But once you know he's a vampire, it makes perfect sense because it means he has superhuman speed and strength and can only be killed by a stake through the heart or direct sunlight.

Second watch of the episode was so funny, and the audacity shock.

WhatKatyDidNot Thu 12-Mar-20 08:35:19

My DD is obsessed with "Whitechapel" but they keep Steve Pemberton in he cellar

grin grin grin

That was such a fab episode to end the series on. Of course I missed all but the most obvious clues so it's ripe for at least half a dozen more viewings!

AutumnRose1 Wed 11-Mar-20 22:37:33

I think I’ve made sense of the gunshots

It’s okay for Varney to be shot at because he’s undead, so running to a worst case to rescue someone is fine.

AutumnRose1 Wed 11-Mar-20 22:36:42

70, it’s his archive grin

He does venture upstairs occasionally

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 11-Mar-20 21:45:21

My DD is obsessed with "Whitechapel" but they keep Steve Pemberton in he cellar shock

Clawdy Wed 11-Mar-20 21:41:39

Clever and scary, I got the Varney The Vampire clue but not the others! Not sure what the gunshots bit was about though.

AutumnRose1 Wed 11-Mar-20 21:36:41

Cold Comfort, sorry.

AutumnRose1 Wed 11-Mar-20 21:36:21

My favourite episode is still Cold Caller

But Death Be Not Proud is now a close second!

AutumnRose1 Wed 11-Mar-20 21:34:11

70 do watch Whitechapel if you haven’t already.

Well, I recommend that to anyone. It’s harsh though. Season 2, about the Krays (sort of) is the best I think.

Bluewavescrashing Wed 11-Mar-20 21:22:30

I loved the Krampus episode! Deliciously dark.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Wed 11-Mar-20 21:20:35

BlueWave once you've watched TLoG watch the Christmas episode .

Loved it and it's part of our Christmas Tradition to watch each year .
There was an Inside No 9 'Krampus' episode that I need to re-watch .

Really enjoyed this series , each one so different .
Still majorly in lurrve with Steve Pemberton BTW wink

TheSummoningDark Tue 10-Mar-20 20:48:30

In an advert next to the newspaper article.

Good news about 2 more series.

CoolCarrie Tue 10-Mar-20 20:05:38

I didn’t see the hare and I was looking out for it.

Carrieonhappy Tue 10-Mar-20 20:01:49

Did anyone spot the infamous hare in last nights episode?

BehindTheGreenDoor Tue 10-Mar-20 18:07:43

2 more series coming!

TheSummoningDark Tue 10-Mar-20 14:55:27

Oh gods, rewatching, he even says "Varney the Vegan". Feel like a right brew now. This is going to hurt.

QueenOfTheAndals Tue 10-Mar-20 14:34:52

Of course Varney the Vampire was a Victorian story. Need to rewatch to find all the clues!

TheSummoningDark Tue 10-Mar-20 14:31:34

AutumnRose1 speaking as a huge fan of classic horror and the comedy/horror that pokes fun at all the cliches, I'd say I was probably the ideal target audience for that episode. I'm torn between being ashamed I failed to spot the clues (tomato juice - aagh) and being glad I didn't because it would have spoiled the end. To borrow another horror trope, I feel like I've been downgraded from weird annoying nerdy friend who saves everybody with horror knowledge (before getting killed in finale twist) to idiot who gets killed in the first five minutes.

I haven't watched the episode again yet, but the most important bit of the shooting for me was what Steve's character says in the car the next night (something like "I've never seen anybody move as fast as that"). I'm looking forward to spotting the clues I missed the first time around. It was like vampire bingo.

That's what is so good about the series, each episode is so different and there's something for everybody. Hope they do another.

Carrieonhappy Tue 10-Mar-20 11:37:24


Carrieonhappy Tue 10-Mar-20 11:37:13

AutumnRose1 yeah thats the way i was thinking who got then was it the guy they were chasing?

AutumnRose1 Tue 10-Mar-20 11:12:42

“ I thought at first that steve pembertons character had been involved in the other partners death or something like that”

That’s what I thought at first. Then I thought it was Varney, but not in a vampire way, obviously.

Carrieonhappy Tue 10-Mar-20 11:05:56

I enjoyed it but am not into any vampire stuff. I missed a lot of the vampire references throughout the episode i rewatched it again this morning and it makes sense now. I thought at first that steve pembertons character had been involved in the other partners death or something like that. Watching it back its so clever how they worked the vampire references into the show. Like hima sking if he could come into the car and the avoiding the bridge coz of water.

The only bit i was puzzled at was the bits with the gun shots that got fired what were they all about is that of some significance that i am missing.

AutumnRose1 Tue 10-Mar-20 10:56:23

Those who enjoyed the end, are you into vampire stuff? I don’t know anything about it.

The noise on the top of the car made me think of Ghost Stories, if anyone’s seen that (the stage version).

TheSummoningDark Tue 10-Mar-20 09:27:07

I really enjoyed last night, I think it might be one of my favourites. I'll definitely be watching it again.

I'm a huge fan of the genre, and for me the many clues should have stood out underlined in red with an air raid siren going off (even the title ffs!).

With the conversation about TV tropes, I was left feeling a bit like Reece's character at the end of the Magician episode, distracted from the trick by being shown how the trick was going to be done. I'm still slightly embarrassed this morning.

AutumnRose1 Mon 09-Mar-20 23:29:08

Got home and caught up right away

Did I miss something? I get that there were vampire refs throughout which I only realised at the end, but it still seemed a bit...odd.

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