The Masked Singer: Will we ever get to the point of identifying Hedgehog? Thread 3

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AngelOfDeathNix Sun 02-Feb-20 18:43:36

Continuing from thread two - Will Tree Shed His Leaves?

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Quartz2208 Fri 21-Feb-20 13:18:54

got sucked into the American one online and my god some of those costumes are weird

Elderflower14 Fri 21-Feb-20 13:03:24

Have to share this. Whenever I go away something random happens...
This is Vienna random.... Think he's auditioning for Series 2!!🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

PaddingtonBearHardStare Sun 16-Feb-20 21:46:40

My mum just said I hope Davina does the next series but as a contestant so I don't have to listen to her on the judging panel grin

bruffin Sun 16-Feb-20 18:54:59

I saw a production of City of Angel's in San Francisco 3 years ago. Think it was a semi pro type production, but did enjoy it. I would like to see the WE production .

WhereDidTheYearsGo Sun 16-Feb-20 18:38:12

@Comefromaway I've got tickets to City of Angels too - looking forward to it even more now!

WhereDidTheYearsGo Sun 16-Feb-20 18:37:06

@lynsey91 Presumably that's why he did the show. Nicola Roberts too.

InvisibleWomenMustBeRead Sun 16-Feb-20 17:24:13

I love Davina!

itswinetime Sun 16-Feb-20 16:59:16

So not even the celebrities understand all the clues it seems

Comefromaway Sun 16-Feb-20 16:10:55

Nicola Roberts is about to star in City of Angels in the West End. It’s also a friend of ours West End debut so we are going anyway but I’m expecting great things now. (Rest of the cast looks fab)

lynsey91 Sun 16-Feb-20 16:04:53

I didn't think it would be Jason Manford as I never realised he could sing that well.

Nicola has a fantastic voice. Made me laugh when Ken said he thought it was Cheryl. As if she could sing that well (only in her dreams).

Already looking forward to the second series although I hope they get rid of Davina

itswinetime Sun 16-Feb-20 14:20:33

Did they explain the Katherine Jenkins in the jungle clues?

TitsInAbsentia Sat 15-Feb-20 22:10:03

See I just remember this for Nicola, which is partly how I knew it was never Kimberley or Cheryl or Sarah (and Nadine has a distinct sound)...only Nicola had the belt in her voice...

CallofDoodee Sat 15-Feb-20 21:42:09

I always thought Nicola was so underrated in Girls Aloud - it was always about Cheryl and Nadine and although they did have their own X Factor (Cheryl not so much on the voice front but she had that 'something' didn't she) I always thought Nicola being left on the sidelines was really unfair.

wowfudge Sat 15-Feb-20 21:38:13

She did say the last time she had sung like that was on Pop Idols the Rivals. I thought she would win several weeks ago.

dillite Sat 15-Feb-20 21:27:16

I had no idea that Nicolas had such a lovely voice. She only ever got to sing 2 lines in GA.

FlyingPandas Sat 15-Feb-20 21:21:26

Katherine Jenkins was the Octopus.

JellyNo15 Sat 15-Feb-20 21:14:05

Missed the final I gather Nicola Roberts won as Queen Bee and Jason Hanford came second as Hedgehog but who was in third place?

FlyingPandas Sat 15-Feb-20 20:53:42

Loved every minute of that series!

All three finalists were excellent and Nicola a worthy winner. What a beautiful voice she has.

Paddy1234 Sat 15-Feb-20 20:47:58

I really enjoyed it - I can admit it here 😂
I hope they do harder clues next series

itswinetime Sat 15-Feb-20 20:47:02

I think the interesting thing is the celebrities cover all walks of life like Kelis to me she's a big star but loads of people didn't know her. I think this season has shown no one can ever be completely ruled out because it covers everyone I don't think there is a set level of fame because it's different for everyone IYSWIM.

Nonnymum Sat 15-Feb-20 20:42:37

My husband though octopus might have been Connie Fisher. I think she's pretty famous especially as she was in that programme with Andrew Lloyd Webber. He thought the singing was too good to be Katherine Jenkins who he doesn't like! It's interesting to listen to the singers without knowing who it is so there are no preconceptions.

poseysbobblehat Sat 15-Feb-20 20:39:19

Love Nicola, she was always my fave

itswinetime Sat 15-Feb-20 20:36:24

Maybe it did I knew she had but I was looking for the clues must have missed it. Would rather a full break down of the clues than all the padding with judges 😂

TweetUsOnFacebook Sat 15-Feb-20 20:36:07

I think Jason Manford picked the Little Mix song for his kids ❤

ChicCroissant Sat 15-Feb-20 20:35:59

I wouldn't have got many without the help of the MN

DD was pleased to get the last three names right but still didn't recognise any of them! When Manford took the head off, she turned to me and asked if it was him!

See you on the second series, ladies!

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