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FuzzyPuffling Wed 29-Jan-20 14:00:57

New thread

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NutButterNutter Wed 29-Jan-20 14:11:15

Uptight plod grin

Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 14:11:25

Oh copper is not pleased.

1forsorrow Wed 29-Jan-20 14:11:26

I feel strangely excited about my new job.

NutButterNutter Wed 29-Jan-20 14:11:36

That was resolved ever so quickly.

Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 14:12:34

Well, that is not what it was supposed to be about.

How dull.

Redshoeblueshoe Wed 29-Jan-20 14:13:52

1 we're excited for you, your better than the current writer's

1forsorrow Wed 29-Jan-20 14:17:23

Thank you Redshoes. I'll let you know when my episodes are on.

blamethecat Wed 29-Jan-20 14:23:39

Thanks for the new thread !
That was somehow deeply unpleasant and dull at the same time. How come they mixed up phones but bears was worth £1k ?

TDogsInHats Wed 29-Jan-20 14:28:44

Thanks for the new threadtcrsmile

TDogsInHats Wed 29-Jan-20 14:32:20

I've got a phone pin and a sim pin. Can't be too careful. I've also got fingerprint scanner, why hasn't Bear got that? Nothing to do with dyslexia.

A filofax is way too complicated for me. I do have a wall calendar and a diary which I write in at bedtime. Really boring stuff like beans on toast for tea and where the dog took me for her walk.grin

FuzzyPuffling Wed 29-Jan-20 14:42:09

I vote 1for. Probably for everything. How do you fancy being Prime Minister too? (if not you, could SadSacha do it?)

New washing machine duly installed.

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Binglebong Wed 29-Jan-20 15:00:18

Bloody hell that was awful. Didnt think I'd say this but BRING BACK THE CLINK.

1forsorrow Wed 29-Jan-20 16:38:12

Oh I could be PM and make Sacha minister for health. He would be brilliant and we could have tea at No 10. I'd invite you all of course.

1forsorrow Wed 29-Jan-20 16:39:31

I think I'd have to give Ayesha a job, not sure what, but I feel she could sort things out, bit of straight talking would soon sort the MPs out.

FuzzyPuffling Wed 29-Jan-20 17:45:40

Excellent manifesto 1for. Please may I be Minister for Cats and Badgers?

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Redshoeblueshoe Wed 29-Jan-20 18:40:09

1for I think we'll know straight away which are your episodes, they will be the ones with decent storylines, and hopefully the occasional WTF moments grin

1forsorrow Wed 29-Jan-20 20:08:20

Oh yes a minister for Cats and Badgers is a position I will need to fill quickly and I think you would be just right.

I'll do my best Redshoe but obviously as PM I will be busy so bear with me.

We definitely all need to get together at No 10 for a party, we could watch tapes of my episodes of Doctors but you have to promise to be nice to me.

LIZS Wed 29-Jan-20 20:14:00

Came part way through, another confusing piece of nowt much.

FuzzyPuffling Wed 29-Jan-20 20:30:52

I hope you will be super- nice to Larry, the cat who lives at No 10. I'm sure you will.

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Redshoeblueshoe Wed 29-Jan-20 22:55:24

Geoffrey 🐈 and Larry 🐈 and I have forgotten the name of the 🐕 who lives at No 10
Even though Geoffrey might be a 👻

1forsorrow Wed 29-Jan-20 23:36:38

FuzzyPuffling as Minister for Cats and Badgers I hope you will be taking a personal interest in Larry but of course he will have a safe home with me, not to mention DH. At one stage his collection of stray animals rehomed to Chez1forsorrow included 3 dogs, 6 cats and 5 kittens. He got quite miffed when I found homes for the kittens. He doesn't just hoard "things."

Hannie123 Thu 30-Jan-20 13:45:39

@FuzzyPuffling thanks fuzzy!

Raahh Thu 30-Jan-20 13:45:57

Afternoon! I hope this is better than yesterday!

Hannie123 Thu 30-Jan-20 13:46:45

Afternoon! Here’s hoping..

NutButterNutter Thu 30-Jan-20 13:46:56

Dirty perverted or long lost brother?

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