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Anyone else just watch the Raven Secret Temple final?

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foxinsocks Fri 31-Aug-07 19:06:57

my children love this programme

I've had to stifle my guffaws throughout most of it!

Do you think Raven negotiated more screen time for this series then wink?

RTKangaMummy Fri 31-Aug-07 19:10:35

We rushed back from Sussex for DS to watch this - we got here in time

So had a happy DS


foxinsocks Fri 31-Aug-07 19:12:34

aaah, lucky ds!

must admit, I never thought Sonro would win (if you'd asked me at the start!)

we were away for a week of it and I did that series link thing on sky+ and it worked - I was convinced it wouldn't record!

LIZS Fri 31-Aug-07 19:13:12

We did ! Thought it was a bit of an anticlimax tbh but good eye candy

foxinsocks Fri 31-Aug-07 19:15:13

yes, they could have come up with some more exciting challenges I thought - some harder riddles or something

all the bits where they weren't doing challenges were dull

and we could have done without the whole Raven Nevar play fight wink

Miaou Fri 31-Aug-07 19:16:40

Ditto - my kids loved it, I was pmsl at the awful wooden acting and crap polystyrene rocks.

Nevar rising from the ruins - never saw that one coming ... ooooh no grin

foxinsocks Fri 31-Aug-07 19:19:50


was thinking EXACTLY the same about the rocks

SURELY if they can fly them all out to India on the budget, they could get some more realistic rocks?

RTKangaMummy Fri 31-Aug-07 19:26:23


We were busy unpacking the car so didn't see it, so can't really comment


JackieNo Fri 31-Aug-07 19:29:01

DD watched it, though I was out in the kitchen at the time, and came and told me in breathless detail about how exciting it wasgrin. They're almost real people to her (though she does realise it's not a documentarygrin).

LIZS Fri 31-Aug-07 19:32:38

Wasn't it convenient that 2 got eliminated along the way !

JackieNo Fri 31-Aug-07 19:33:48

DD was very impressed when I told her that Nevar was Raven backwardsgrin.

LIZS Fri 31-Aug-07 19:34:30

how did I miss that lol !

JackieNo Fri 31-Aug-07 19:35:42


foxinsocks Fri 31-Aug-07 19:40:02

I still can't quite imagine what possessed them to do it in India (I know it's the partition celebration and all...but still)

it's not like we got to admire the Indian scenery or anything

they could have easily shot it in that Hindu temple in Brent (Shri Swaminarayan Mandir - had to google the name wink) and we would have been none the wiser. Well that, and some empty brownfield site or something!

JackieNo Fri 31-Aug-07 19:41:09

I assumed it was an attempt to widen the audience, and maybe sell it abroadhmm.

JackieNo Fri 31-Aug-07 19:41:39

(but you're right - could have got much the same effect for less money)

foxinsocks Fri 31-Aug-07 19:53:13

The actress playing Sajirani's a Bollywood actress I'm sure

LIZS Fri 31-Aug-07 20:06:19

Has anyoen's dc compeleted the BBC online game ? Ds is looking for moons !

Miaou Fri 31-Aug-07 20:12:04

dd1 was doing it earlier - she said she found a moon in the sand (????) - but she's given up for now smile

LIZS Sat 01-Sep-07 18:08:34

Found the moons but where's that symbol, lol !

foxinsocks Sun 02-Sep-07 21:00:10

how do you get across the path with the symbols on?

dd asked me to help but trying to navigate is making me feel travel sick (blush - I'm just no good at those moving type of games - I couldn't figure out why I felt so ill sitting at the computer but fine when I stood up hmm)

UnquietDad Sun 02-Sep-07 23:45:30

My DD, who loves "Raven", got me to register her on the CBBC site just so she could play the "Raven" online game.

After all the very sensible warnings on the site about not giving out your details, etc, what's the first thing the Raven site invites you to do? Put in your first name and surname, of course, so it can make up your "warrior name". Slightly mixed signals... hmm

foxinsocks Mon 03-Sep-07 15:15:28

Hmm, how odd

we didn't have to register to play it (I don't think)

LIZS Mon 03-Sep-07 19:06:47

Are you looking at the same game UD We registered for the last one iirc but not this .

UnquietDad Mon 03-Sep-07 21:50:14

this one?

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