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King Gary

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stinkycat101 Sat 25-Jan-20 22:13:43

Has anyone watched it on iPlayer? I started it as I was bored one night and wanted something light hearted. Thought it was a bit rubbish but persevered. I've grown to love it! It ridiculous and over the top but there's so much heart and pathos. This woman who plays Terry has the most amazing expressive face. And Simon Day is brilliant.
A definite guilty pleasure but so glad I watched it smile

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IdleBet Sat 25-Jan-20 23:26:55

Watched 4 episodes last night, it's really easy watching and only short. Ideal.

Agree with Terri being sooo funnysmile

stinkycat101 Sun 26-Jan-20 00:12:09

Glad it's not just me grin. It's the kind of thing that my DH would normally hate but he watched it last night and was guffawing away. He's an Essex boy too and didn't feel too offended at the stereotypes!

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Chienloup Sun 26-Jan-20 01:31:29

It's so silly that it's brilliant.
I'm not usually in to comedy (sense of humour bypass), but this amuses me.

KellyMarieTunstall2 Sun 26-Jan-20 09:13:46

We binge watched all of it and thought it was hilarious. I loved the relationship between Gary and Terri.

stinkycat101 Sun 26-Jan-20 10:40:08

@KellyMarieTunstall2 the eyebrows episode. I wish my DH adored me as much as Gary adores Terri smile

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KellyMarieTunstall2 Sun 26-Jan-20 11:31:26

MygirlMyworld! 'Terri your surprised face is my favourite face' grin

OneToThree Mon 27-Jan-20 12:51:58

Love it!

The80sweregreat Mon 27-Jan-20 15:13:21

It's just nice to watch something without sex or bad language and a man and wife who like each other too! Lot of love there.
I'm from Essex born and bred and although this is set in Croydon so many people seem familiar! The big dramas over nothing , the fierce dad , the mannerisms the larger than life personalities and just how they speak is spot on. I ve heard him being interviewed and he seems so nice and ordinary and clearly loves his family! It's not the best comedy in the world but it's quietly amusing and makes me smile.

Magicpaintbrush Sat 08-Feb-20 18:05:29

Really enjoying this, very amusing and really good characters - love the husband/wife dynamic - she in particular is hilarious, so expressive. Hope they do another series.

The80sweregreat Sat 08-Feb-20 19:56:31

' go and find your own dad' ! Made me laugh so much! Winkle is deranged, bless him. Love Gal's mum too.

aroundtheworldyet Sun 09-Feb-20 19:14:56

I love it. Brilliant show.

MissFoodie Sun 09-Feb-20 20:21:24

Denise is gringringrin

ButEmilylovedhim Sun 09-Feb-20 20:29:16

The pilot is my favourite programme atm. I keep rewatching it. ABSOLUTE SORT! Down the Dave! So funny. I hope they do another series.

Waitingforciara Sun 09-Feb-20 20:33:23

I love this programme, Terri is brilliant as are the mum and dad. When she was stealing all the plates from the golf place! It's so good.

MissFoodie Mon 10-Feb-20 21:01:27

Omg the plates lol! " just like anthropologie, they have plants on the walls you know" grin

Katinski Tue 11-Feb-20 12:11:31

Another one feeling the love!

MissFoodie Fri 14-Feb-20 21:37:24

Omg on holiday grin

Nanalisa60 Fri 14-Feb-20 21:43:28

I just love it Terri is my favourite only on episode 3

Nearly as good as Derry girls

Great to see good comedy that’s not stand up on the TV

MissFoodie Fri 14-Feb-20 21:58:09

Derry Girls... so brilliant

MyEnormousTurnip Fri 14-Feb-20 22:01:15

Anyone know where tonight’s episode was filmed?

AhoyMrBeaver Fri 14-Feb-20 22:05:44

I'm the same as lots of you on here - gave it a go when I couldn't find anything else, wasn't that bothered but grew to really like it. I love the drama in the most mundane situations.

The actor who plays Terri was in Detectorists as a completely different character, I think she's great.

Theroigne Fri 14-Feb-20 22:06:00

Absolutely love this. My favourite is the ‘extension’ party where everyone gets wankered on Bartini cocktails and Tel and Mad Kay are dancing. “It’s never too early for garage, Gal” 😄

Theroigne Fri 14-Feb-20 22:07:09

I agree that it’s the drama in mundane situations that is so funny and relatable. Tel and I are from completely different backgrounds and yet I relate to her completely and wish she were my friend

Waitingfordennis Fri 14-Feb-20 22:59:04

Oh god the Bartini cocktails and the fab music!

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