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Death in paradise

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SentimentalKiller Thu 23-Jan-20 21:12:11

OK it's always been easy watching but it has hit a new low
Jack, well he can only act himself can't he. He can't pull off the geeky, clever nerd. The grieving husband act his cringing
Ruby, the girlfriend they are beyond terrible

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CaptainNancy1 Fri 24-Jan-20 10:27:30

I agree with you. Found the story line on episode one confusing.
New character Ruby I find cringey
I thought Ardal O'Hanlon was leaving and was surprised to see him in this series. Perhaps he goes part way through.

SentimentalKiller Fri 24-Jan-20 12:00:03

In last night's episode he was left pondering whether to go travelling with the new girl friend, who can't act to save her life, so hopefully he will be kicked into the long grass

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Alexandernevermind Fri 24-Jan-20 12:01:42

Have they had a new director these last 2 series, it just seems very wooden?

Kazzyhoward Fri 24-Jan-20 12:06:54

I'd love to see Ben Miller return. Neither Kris Marshall nor Ardal O'Hanlon quite hit the spot the same way that Ben did.

As for Ruby and Madeleine - please go away - they're both awful. We need Dwayne and either Florence or Camille back.

As for Moody's new girlfriend - no, just no.

The current case just don't "do it" at all.

Igotmylipstickon Fri 24-Jan-20 12:11:24

Yeah I like Ardal O'Hanlon normally, but don't think he's a good fit for this programme.

They seem to be missing the relaxed Carribean vibe from the previous series.

yellowallpaper Fri 24-Jan-20 12:13:35

Wasn't Ben Miller shot dead?

tanstaafl Fri 24-Jan-20 12:15:06

Ben Miller’s return could be tricky.
His character was murdered, introducing Kris Marshall.

I thought KM was good!

It’s a bit of escapism really?
Still jars that after revealing some act of evil leading to a death of an innocent the jaunty theme tune starts up!

SentimentalKiller Fri 24-Jan-20 12:30:52

Ben Miller was stabbed to death. He was the best imo but the coffee guy managed to pull off the intelligent nerd and the rest of the cast were good
They all just seem like joke characters now

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janaus50s Fri 24-Jan-20 12:43:55

I love this show. I have just discovered it. It is filmed on the island a friend is from, Guadalupe.

mencken Fri 24-Jan-20 12:52:20

laughing at last night's crucial plot twist where the woman substituted herself in the cycle race for the male murder victim - because as she was in the same clothes, helmet, sunspecs and they were both black no-one would have noticed her big boobs in the skintight top and maybe wondered....

it isn't exactly taxing viewing but it is what is needed in miserable January. The sergeant is always the same character, presumably because funding means they need a French actress. They've remembered that JP has a wife so she gets mentioned, although never appears now. Like all the other British leads, Ardal O'Hanlon is fed up with too much time away from the family - and if you were expecting a wide acting range from him you should know better, although he's perfectly adequate for this.

Thepalebluedot Fri 24-Jan-20 17:40:54

Still jars that after revealing some act of evil leading to a death of an innocent the jaunty theme tune starts up!

DH and I have always said this is so wrong! grin

TheSquitz Fri 24-Jan-20 20:29:26

I love Ruby! Sure the acting's a bit dodgy but it's just what I need on a cold winter night!

JasperRising Fri 24-Jan-20 20:36:52

I always thought the dodgy acting was half the point. I mean it is a series where inspiration will reliably hit with ten minutes to go and the suspects will be gathered to announce to them who did it....

Letseatgrandma Fri 24-Jan-20 23:35:55

My DH calls it Scooby Doo-it’s so formulaic grin.

I still love it though!

TheSquitz Sat 25-Jan-20 08:23:43

Do they ever lock the police station up? Fr Dougal never seems to lock the doors or windows to his shack when he goes out. Presumably thete's no thieving in the Caribbean, just lots of murder.

ChoccyJules Sat 25-Jan-20 11:02:43

Hadn’t realised the new series had started! When is it on and have I only missed one episode?

JasperRising Sat 25-Jan-20 11:38:19

@ChoccyJules it's on Thursday evenings. There have been 3 episodes - available in iPlayer now

SentimentalKiller Sat 25-Jan-20 15:13:24

They just walk out of the station and leave any prisoners without water or toilet accessgrin

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ChoccyJules Sat 25-Jan-20 15:55:02

@JasperRising thanks, blimey three already! That’s my afternoon sorted wink

SentimentalKiller Sat 25-Jan-20 20:12:41

I just read that Ardal OHanlon is going and Ralph Little is taking his place
Perhaps he can manage geeky nerd

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museumum Sat 25-Jan-20 20:15:12

We’ve replaced it with the Mallorca files - much better but just as warm and fluffy.

TheCraicDealer Sat 25-Jan-20 20:28:29

DH and I discovered this just after I had DD in September, we love it! We binge watched it on Netflix. Although DH dislikes Ardal with an intensity previously only reserved for CFs who cherrypick prawns out of seafood dishes at buffets. He'll be delighted to hear he's off. Ben Millar was the best of the three so far, but Kris Marshall really grew on me.

We're also watching the Mallorca show. That German fella is alright.

ChoccyJules Sun 26-Jan-20 12:36:46

Right, watched two out of three of the new ones yesterday. Nina Wadia’s character is a bit forward but maybe that’s what the detective needs to move him on and off to the future, so that Ralph can slot in.

The best thing about this series, formulaic as it has always been, is that they’ve stopped making the always beautiful female seargeant wear hot pants. Hooray.

Clawdy Sun 26-Jan-20 16:44:23

Still miss Camille, she was so clever and beautiful. Agree Ardal is not really right for this role. Ruby was beyond annoying in the last series, but they've calmed her down a bit in this one. Will carry on watching though, I love the familiarity of the plot from that beginning to the final reveal! And that lovely island......

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