The Masked Singer : Will Tree shed his leaves for us tonight? Are we barking up the wrong tree?

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Piggywaspushed Sat 18-Jan-20 19:29:51

Emergency new thread!

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ludothedog Sat 18-Jan-20 19:30:27

Thank you piggy

Piggywaspushed Sat 18-Jan-20 19:30:42


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GlitterToast Sat 18-Jan-20 19:30:52

I quite like this presenter. He's very funny.

itswinetime Sat 18-Jan-20 19:31:02

Well done!

GlitterToast Sat 18-Jan-20 19:31:45

Could it be Kelli's? She has a cookbook out?

Elderflower14 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:32:29

Who's the lady chef on MC Professionals??

MusicToMyEars800 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:32:58

Thanks piggy
This is a nice one.

GlitterToast Sat 18-Jan-20 19:33:13

Yep, it sounds like Kelis too?

Quizeerascal Sat 18-Jan-20 19:33:20

Kelis is a chefsmile

covetingthepreciousthings Sat 18-Jan-20 19:33:28

Definitely Kelis

Elderflower14 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:33:32

I love George Michael and Bonnie Raitts versions of this song...

GlitterToast Sat 18-Jan-20 19:34:29

Saying that, isn't Kelis far too cool for this show?

Wafflehouse Sat 18-Jan-20 19:34:38

I’m struggling this week but agree that that is definitely kelis.

Piggywaspushed Sat 18-Jan-20 19:34:48

This certainly fits Kelis. I wouldn't recognise her with the costume off, must say.

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ChicCroissant Sat 18-Jan-20 19:34:55

Daisy - Andi Oliver, the chef and former singer?

Elderflower14 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:35:15

They said there is a Grammy award winner in here and Kelis has won Grammys.

DeadButDelicious Sat 18-Jan-20 19:35:15


itswinetime Sat 18-Jan-20 19:35:34

I thought Kelis was to cool for this show but all the clues fit

GrapefruitGin Sat 18-Jan-20 19:35:49

Definitely Kelis!

AppleTree0915 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:35:52

Kelis is a Cordon Bleu trained chef

ludothedog Sat 18-Jan-20 19:37:35

Flour East!

ChicCroissant Sat 18-Jan-20 19:38:11

They might be on to something with Fleur East though ... changing my mind every 10 minutes!

Elderflower14 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:38:33

Just came back to type she's CB trained.
My sister trained at CB in the 1980s. They used to put all their food out for the homeless at night....

Blueboo0814 Sat 18-Jan-20 19:38:50

Deffo Kelis for Daisy!!!!

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