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Lordfrontpaw Sun 12-Jan-20 18:53:01

Channel 4 🎉 🥳

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JudyCoolibar Wed 19-Feb-20 21:42:03

Last week I didn’t really feel that anything deserved to win, let alone two. Liking the tile challenge so far

SchadenfreudePersonified Wed 19-Feb-20 22:02:16

They were all pretty grim, weren't they?

I think it was a matter of chilling the least worst, as opposed to the best.

Rosalind's was the least worst in terms of the specification for the task - Rosa's* was definitely the best sculpture, but was totally off piste regarding the instructions.

*I think it's Rosa - the Belgian woman.

SchadenfreudePersonified Thu 20-Feb-20 19:05:09

Just watched it on catch-up.

The right person wentout (and not before time, , ,.)-

JudyCoolibar Thu 20-Feb-20 21:13:19

I think it was a bit mad having a sculpting challenge anyway. The skills involved are so different from those needed for throwing pots, it's a bit ridiculous to expect people to be able to do both.

SchadenfreudePersonified Fri 21-Feb-20 07:20:36

Agree Judy - it was a shambles. Even the best was nowhere near the spec - and TBH, I don't know how anyone could achieve the "classical" look in the time available anyway - you couldn't get a smooth enough finish.

I'd like to see "Weepy Keef" (Brilliant name someone on another thread came up with) manage it.

Djangor3725 Fri 21-Feb-20 10:35:30

Enjoyed the tile challenge episode more than the sculpture one. Ronaldo's inspiration was particularly interesting, but I didn't like his colour choice; Rosa's turned out better than I expected; Rosalind's charming but like others would have benefited from another hour for decorating - forcing them to rush seemed pointless. The throwing challenge showed how much some of them have improved over the weeks - this show is a great opportunity for all of them.
I wish they would drop the bit at the start where Mel fools about a bit & replace it with Rich spending a couple of minutes explaining one of the techniques or gadgets - like the harp tile cutter this week.

SchadenfreudePersonified Wed 26-Feb-20 21:11:21

Weepy Keef wears some horrible jackets . . .

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