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Anne with an E, Season 3 Netflix

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YinuCeatleAyru Sat 09-May-20 08:29:43

Resurrecting a slightly elderly thread here in case there are others just watching this season now.

I am finding my suspension of disbelief sorely stretched at how keen they are to demonstrate that pretty much everyone 120 years ago wasn't actually racist, sexist or homophobic AT ALL oh no, only a very few nasty gossipy types, not anyone nice. I think the theme tune encapsulates what the producers are aiming at : "you are ahead by a century" - they want to tell a story set in 1890s but with entirely 2020s values and cultural assumptions in the main characters (minor characters are allowed to have a 19th century cultural/moral outlook but no main cast is so regressive as to have been affected by the prevailing outlook of the time).

I think it severely detracts from an understanding of how much women and minority groups had to struggle, to portray so many situations where individuals are getting support and opportunities to achieve things that actually would have been an immense struggle against overwhelming opposition. original Anne achieved incredible things against all the odds due to her unique qualities. This Anne seems to have it mostly handed to her by all the jolly nice people.

samlovesdilys Mon 27-Jan-20 22:01:01

💕 Jonathon Crombie!!! We soo loved him when we watched it years ago!!
Watched much of first series crying throughout (but I was ill!!) but hate the veering away from the books, makes me sad...LOVE the use of Tragically Hip 'ahead by a century' as the term though!!

Girliefriendlikespuppies Mon 27-Jan-20 21:57:37

I loved all the series as did my 13 yo dd, we did get slightly frustrated at how much of a drama Queen Anne was though! Also thought it was completely unrealistic that all the girls would go to college.

The story of the native Indian girl broke my heart, I did some googling and wish I hadn't! The last school for native Indians in Canada shut in the 1990s 😮 the governments abduction of native Indian children (which went on for nearly 100 years) has since been called 'cultural genocide' 😓

SerenDippitty Fri 24-Jan-20 10:59:56

I did enjoy it - but the books have all but disappeared. Diana is at Queen’s even though in the books she was not at all academic!

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Strugglingmum73 Thu 23-Jan-20 18:15:23

We have loved every series.

Samcro Thu 23-Jan-20 16:48:11

how did she afford to go to college?

RaininSummer Thu 16-Jan-20 14:07:18

Not really enjoying this season but am playing it in the background whilst crocheting. Not sure what it is that isn't engaging me as I loved the earlier seasons and adored the books as a child.

SerenDippitty Thu 16-Jan-20 12:35:15

I've never read the books but I have vague memories of a tv series back in the 70's 'Anne of Avonlea'

Kim Braden was Anne in that one, she is my definitive Anne. Christopher Blake played Gilbert and a young Nicholas Lyndhurst played Davy!

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ValancyRedfern Mon 13-Jan-20 19:33:44

Same here. That version is perfection!!

TheShoesa Mon 13-Jan-20 17:59:04

I don't think I'll ever be able to watch an Anne of Green Gables adaptation having seen the Kevin Sullivan films in the 1980s (Megan Follows as Anne and Johnathan Crombie as Gilbert) Perfect!

Trewser Mon 13-Jan-20 17:46:02

I was looking forward to it but absolutely hated it. No need to veer so far from the books and the sexual abuse subtext was weird and horrible. Yuck.

Inherdefence Mon 13-Jan-20 17:44:38

I’m also an Anne fan. So much so that I travelled nearly 4000 miles from Vancouver to PEI so I could visit Green Gables (and it was worth it). I loved series 1 but couldn’t get into series 2 because it had moved so far from the books so I’m wary of trying series 3.

PerspicaciaTick Sun 12-Jan-20 08:39:47

I enjoyed it, although they have given up any pretence of being anything like the books. Sobbed like a loon at parts (I won't say what).

ValancyRedfern Sun 12-Jan-20 08:30:44

I watched the first ever episode and thought the characters and acting were spot on but I hated that it veered so far from the book. I have read the books 100 times so I'm quite precious about it! I really want a new series to watch though. Should I give it another go?

Kitsandkids Sun 12-Jan-20 08:24:52

Just finished binge watching last night. I think I cried during every episode. I loved it!

BonnyConnie Sat 11-Jan-20 21:24:32

I’ve binge watched it. It’s a shame because they’ve picked quite a good cast and it’s beautifully filmed but the plot just doesn’t work (it’s all completely out of historical context which removes the old timey wholesome charm). Ignoring the historical inaccuracy there was just something much more warming about the books (although I do like the Gilbert/Sebastian side plot, expect some things that happen in season three that I won’t go into because spoilers).

MrsSlocombesPussy Sat 11-Jan-20 21:16:38

I've watched them all, I thought it was better than Season 2. I'm a bit disappointed that this is the last season though.
I've never read the books but I have vague memories of a tv series back in the 70's 'Anne of Avonlea'

Samcro Sat 11-Jan-20 17:46:36

I would love to know the difference between it and the books, i read them as a. Child but have no memory of them.
It all seems rather strange for the time, the children still being at school

Also who teaches the small children?

SerenDippitty Sat 11-Jan-20 17:25:59

It’s so far from the books it’s difficult to say! She’s now 16 and not yet been to Queens so still the first I think? She is trying to find out about her birth parents. She and Gilbert are being offhand and distant and Gilbert is now interested in someone else..

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AlpineSnow Sat 11-Jan-20 11:43:53

I enjoyed the first season but couldn't get into the 2nd. What book is the 3rd one about and what happens?

SerenDippitty Sat 11-Jan-20 10:26:56

Anybody watching?

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