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FuzzyPuffling Fri 10-Jan-20 16:01:46

New thread.

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Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 13:46:15

I think it's habit Nut

I also get annoyed when people ring me when it is on grin.

Where does Bear find his trousers.

NutButterNutter Wed 29-Jan-20 13:46:34


NutButterNutter Wed 29-Jan-20 13:47:23

I get annoyed with the existence of my youngest child when it's her day off nursery grin Raahh

NutButterNutter Wed 29-Jan-20 13:48:06

That man is a knob

Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 13:48:36

Did the phones look that alike?

FuzzyPuffling Wed 29-Jan-20 13:48:53

You cant stop watching nut because of the life enhancing banter from the docTors fans here. At least that's my excuse.
I may vanish half way through today as my new washing machine is being delivered. (So get on with it, writers)

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Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 13:49:49

Nut even the dog knows better than to annoy me.

Ds has even walked him today. (I have been getting stressed watching tennis).

Redshoeblueshoe Wed 29-Jan-20 13:49:55

Nut I'd like to say it gets better, but my GD is easier than my Dd blush

Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 13:51:08

Why is his phone not locked?

NutButterNutter Wed 29-Jan-20 13:51:45

Haha yes, you're all correct!!

Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 13:51:58

Why is it always northerners for the scally storylines?

Redshoeblueshoe Wed 29-Jan-20 13:53:11

My phone's not locked, but I don't put it down in random places, or have banking apps

Redshoeblueshoe Wed 29-Jan-20 13:54:05

Cos they fink all us lot are scallies

NutButterNutter Wed 29-Jan-20 13:54:08

Because we sound like scallies to everyone else? grin but also hmm

Hannie123 Wed 29-Jan-20 13:54:11

His dyslexic and diabetes and completely delusional

Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 13:54:14

See, I still use a filofax for addresses and things- which dh thinks is mad, and I have a paper calender on the fridge. I write lists, and really only use my phone for texts and calls. I have a lot of apps on it, but can live without them. I dont use it to pay for stuff. I'm a luddite.

Dh would be like someone had cut off his air supply if he lost his phone.

Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 13:55:16

Did she really think he would just hand it over without getting his back?

I wanted this to be a link to Jimmi not just a boring phone story.

FuzzyPuffling Wed 29-Jan-20 13:55:25

Bear can go in the clink with Jimmi for phone-theftery.

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Hannie123 Wed 29-Jan-20 13:55:36

Oh my... that has got to be the cringest thing I’ve ever seen!!

MadisonAvenue Wed 29-Jan-20 13:55:40

I’m another Luddite Raahh, I’d be lost without my Filofax...everything is in there!

MadisonAvenue Wed 29-Jan-20 13:56:11

This is crap

Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 13:56:18

Red they do indeed grin

Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 13:56:48

Fuzzy yes, they can do a swap.

Raahh Wed 29-Jan-20 13:57:31

Does the coffee shop have cctv?

Hannie123 Wed 29-Jan-20 13:57:53

Bear’s favourite word ‘what’

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