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Free The Letherbridge One!

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FuzzyPuffling Fri 10-Jan-20 16:01:46

New thread.

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Raahh Fri 10-Jan-20 16:07:26


Thank you!

He's quite good value, Frazer.

Poor Jimmi, he's panicking.

Raahh Fri 10-Jan-20 16:08:32

That cell is nearly as big as his office, so I'm not sure why he is getting so worried- apart from the fact he can't get out.

Raahh Fri 10-Jan-20 16:10:15

And yes- Sod's back to wearing that dreadful jacket. It really should be sent to a charity shop. Not that any would want it.

Raahh Fri 10-Jan-20 16:13:18

oh no, Poor Joe.

'You look well'

Shut up Sid grin

Raahh Fri 10-Jan-20 16:14:39

He will have his cell mate meditating soon.

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 10-Jan-20 16:36:24

I'm just waiting for Gareth Malone to appear!

Thanks for the new thread Fuzzy.

FuzzyPuffling Fri 10-Jan-20 17:46:46

Ooh yes, expletive, Gareth Malone would be a great addition to DocTors. Maybe he could have a sore throat? Or better still, a fishbone stuck in his throat that Jimmi can skilfully remove, thereby earning the deep respect of everyone...and the show must go on!

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Redshoeblueshoe Fri 10-Jan-20 19:02:23

Thanks for the new thread Fuzzy
Raah 🎾 in this weather shock

1forsorrow Fri 10-Jan-20 19:07:37

Hope it's OK to join in.

Was Joe Sugden the younger brother? I think the other one was Jack. I didn't recognise him, must have another look on iplayer. Haven't seen Emmerdale for about 30 years.

Raahh Fri 10-Jan-20 19:51:30

Red the tennis is in Australia- it's very hot over there grin.

Raahh Fri 10-Jan-20 19:53:19

1 yes, I think his brother was Jack.

blamethecat Fri 10-Jan-20 21:29:05

Thanks for the new thread fuzzy, didn't watch today, all the talk of Joe is confusing me !

1forsorrow Fri 10-Jan-20 22:28:35

Thanks Raaahh.

SUBisYodrethwhenLarping Fri 10-Jan-20 22:58:33


Thank you fuzzy

ExpletiveDelighted Fri 10-Jan-20 23:02:11

Didn't Joe die when the helicopter landed on the village about 25 years ago? Not sure who was older but Jack was in the series much longer. I stopped watching about 10 years ago, too many Dingles.

FuzzyPuffling Sat 11-Jan-20 10:36:29

Hello are very welcome.

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1forsorrow Sat 11-Jan-20 13:30:37

Thanks Fuzzy, I don't know anyone who watches it so will be fun discussing it.

FuzzyPuffling Sat 11-Jan-20 13:37:16

It's everybody's guilty secret! However, we go off-piste a bit sometimes, so just go with the flow!

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NutButterNutter Mon 13-Jan-20 00:34:53

Hello!! Missed Friday but will be back tomorrow watching live.
How much longer do we have Cell Block J running, do you reckon? He'll run out of inmates to save pretty quickly.

SUBisYodrethwhenLarping Mon 13-Jan-20 13:33:25

Hello 1for welcome to our "slightly" bonkers happy group


SUBisYodrethwhenLarping Mon 13-Jan-20 13:37:17

I think maybe Jimmi is on a long sabbatical or paternity leave or holiday

That he filmed all of his scenes together with various actors visiting him but all fixed in one day

Then the various visits are put in over the course of the next few weeks/months

No outside filming so can't see any trees or snow or flowers or the usual letherbridge time warp

So he can be on paternity leave from filming with his family but still be on the screen for us


Redshoeblueshoe Mon 13-Jan-20 13:37:47

Hi 1for you do realise none of us would admit to watching IRL
I don't think I can cope with Jimmi being inside for months. Though his OCD doesn't seem to be bothering him grin

blamethecat Mon 13-Jan-20 13:38:28

I'm here but my mother said she'd pop round this afternoon with some chocolate she doesn't like hmm, so inevitably it'll be mid doctors !

Redshoeblueshoe Mon 13-Jan-20 13:40:49

That's kind of her blame - or not grin
I suppose it depends what they are

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