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CassandrasCastle Mon 06-Jan-20 10:56:32

Has anyone watched this?

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Piggywaspushed Fri 10-Jan-20 22:28:28

Matthew McNulty is trying so hard with Scottish accent that he mumbles too much!

SentimentalKiller Fri 10-Jan-20 22:29:16

I was shouting at the TV. She wasn't pushing at all just exercising the elbows. Poorly done example of resus

trumpisaflump Fri 10-Jan-20 22:37:56

@Piggywaspushed the beach is at Culzean. And no you're right-those hills are not Dunlop. No idea where they are.

2Rebecca Fri 10-Jan-20 22:38:51

Agree. I'm a GP and even my nonmedical husband said he thought chest compressions were supposed to compress the chest and that no-one mentioned doing breaths

lazymum99 Fri 10-Jan-20 22:39:57

I wondered why a GP was doing an autopsy and then later realised it wasn’t David Tennant.
All very confusing. Is the car accident after the trip to the beach. Is that why one child was in a wheelchair? Was she walking when on the beach.

MrsEricBana Fri 10-Jan-20 22:44:34

Sorry I'm being dense but the scene with 2 little boys under blue duvets at the policeman's house:
1 = son of GP who burnt his arm at the ceilidh and was given balloon
2 = son of blonde woman shouting at policeman at BBQ
GP son on sleepover so not at home during fire? Or am I missing something?

MrsEricBana Fri 10-Jan-20 22:45:09

Or did GP not have son?

Fantababy Fri 10-Jan-20 22:47:17

I thought the GP just had daughters and the two sons were the policeman's. (And the blonde woman with the Glaswegian accent? An ex presumably?)

hapagirl Fri 10-Jan-20 22:49:15

The GP has 3 daughters who all died and the policeman has 2 sons. Three little body bags is hard viewing.

Piggywaspushed Fri 10-Jan-20 22:54:48

I missed a wheelchair...?

MrsEricBana Fri 10-Jan-20 22:56:26

Ah ok, sorry I get it. Wheelchair when they were walking home from the ceilidh with the children just before the fire?

WheresThatCatGoneNow Fri 10-Jan-20 23:07:19

OMG! It's Kelly from Mum!

Lisa McGrillis?

magentastardust Fri 10-Jan-20 23:11:16

and Jane Beale is the female detective but was tricky to spot as she was only filmed side on for some reason!

TimeIhadaNameChange Fri 10-Jan-20 23:12:17

Glad it wasn't just me who was confused. Agree about characters looking similar, I also thought DT was doing the PM and couldn't understand why he'd be working on his own family. And some of the women are confusing as well. Could this all stem on mistaken identity?

Do we know why DT wasn't in the house when the fire started? And that sex scene at the end - who was with her? I originally thought it was DT but I'm not convinced.

magentastardust Fri 10-Jan-20 23:20:07

Think it was DT with her at the end..pretty sure we saw his face. DT was in the house for the fire wasn't he? I wanted to know how the friend got the couple back down the ladder to save them

1happyhippie Fri 10-Jan-20 23:22:50

Another one who was confused by who was who!
Wonder if we are supposed to be?

When the police man was watching the cctv of the woman who died (I think) shopping, what did he see her getting? He looked shocked but I missed what it was.
So David tennant was having an affair with police mans wife?
Wonder if tennents wife knew?

PickAChew Fri 10-Jan-20 23:23:14

I was confused by the relationships, too. Put it down to too many beards.

Squigean Fri 10-Jan-20 23:24:34

Wasnt he? I thought he was!

I enjoyed it, though I'm not from Scotland so not annoyed by supposed symbolic Scottish stuff!!

Thought it was very well shot, emotional. Though totally agree many men look alike.

MrsEricBana Fri 10-Jan-20 23:24:54

She was buying a padlock with ref to the locked room

magentastardust Fri 10-Jan-20 23:25:02

She was at the locks and padlocks section..presumably buying the lock that was on the door.

Squigean Fri 10-Jan-20 23:25:18

*he was in the house when the fire started that is

magentastardust Fri 10-Jan-20 23:26:16

Did DT have puncture wounds in his arm too?

PickAChew Fri 10-Jan-20 23:27:35

She was shopping for padlocks. Hence why the suspicion is on her.

Her buying the lock doesn't mean she locked the kids' room, mind.

myfuckingfreezer Fri 10-Jan-20 23:30:05

I didn't find it at all confusing. But you lot are So now I think I must have missed the confusing parts or been so confused by them I think I'm not confused wink

Gyoza Fri 10-Jan-20 23:31:11

Would a policeman really be working on a case involving close friends?

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