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Page 2 | There’s something wrong with Aunt Diane

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NightsOfCabiria Sun 05-Jan-20 20:11:03

Has anyone seen this documentary on the Sky Crime Channel?

I found it quite upsetting and disturbing and I’m a seasoned crime series viewer.

The pictures at the end are haunting.There’s no prior warning (apart from right at the start).

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Lipz Sun 19-Jan-20 14:58:55

Just watched this now. Very sad. Those poor children. God they must have been so scared and.....oh just can't let my brain think about their last moments.

The dad/husband Danny does seem off, like he's hiding something. Maybe it's the grief ? I didn't like the way he said he never wanted children, she did, it was all her domain. Now this is his life. Christ, you'd be a bit upset?

It was strange that everyone said she'd didn't do drink or drugs and then half way through the programme it was revealed she smoked weed every night.

Why were school friends interviewed? They all had lost contact . The best friend.... right, so I get some people don't like discussing personal info with everyone, but if you were as good friends as she claimed they were, surely something was discussed? You'd have to have a rant with your friend about your lazy dh ? Or maybe diane didn't and tried to create a fake perfect life to the outside world and maybe this was the reason for smoking weed every night.

I don't understand why the family, husband and sil are adamant that there was no alcohol in her system ? 2 tests proved there was.

Did it say why the parents of the 3 children who died didn't interview? I don't know if it was either Diane's sister or brother who is the parent ? Do they know more ? Surely if they were aware of drinking and drug issues they wouldn't have trusted her to drive their kids.

Its just all very sad.

iklboo Sun 19-Jan-20 15:24:54

* 1) An addict. In which case she wouldn't have been incapacitated to the extent that she would drive around for hours, taking wrong turns, making weird phone calls and ultimately doing what she did.*

That's not always true I'm afraid. My mum was (is) an alcoholic - she got lost several times walking round the housing estate where we'd lived for years, make really strange phone calls that didn't make any sense, got on buses for no reason. And she was drinking heavily for years.

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