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Dipsydoodle Wed 01-Jan-20 20:42:03

Anyone tuning in tonight? I'm quite excited!

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AgentCooper Sun 19-Jan-20 17:27:29

He needs to do more films/tv because we need more pictures of him on the internet. I feel like I’ve drooled over them all grin

CelebrityDave Sun 19-Jan-20 19:02:47

I know! I was raving about him to my Mum today she said he looks ok but very ordinary (rude!!) .

CelebrityDave Sun 19-Jan-20 19:07:37

I do love s man in uniform 🥰

Skinnychip Mon 20-Jan-20 07:30:38

I know we aren't talking about the actual series now......but I've just watched on catch up. I thought I would find it too scary but I didnt find any of it made me jump. I think the episodes were too long. I watched the first one and wanted a medal because my usual attention span is pants and wasn't that fussed about having to sit through 3 more hours. But DH wanted to watch.i enjoyed Paris 2 and 3 more but still think they were a bit long. And not over excited about Claes Bang. Not sure I can get passed the vile nails as much as anything else!!

CelebrityDave Mon 20-Jan-20 08:20:50

I still like talking about the series too! I actually really loved parts 2 and 3 especially the ending. I can understand Claes Bang not being everyones cuppa as hes not even my usual type.

Rebellenny Wed 01-Apr-20 21:18:44

Hi sorry to resurrect (hahaah) an old thread I’m just curious as to which posters are on a certain Facebook site 😉(if you know, you know)

Rebellenny Wed 01-Apr-20 21:22:35

Feel free to pm me x

Rebellenny Mon 27-Apr-20 12:48:32

Bangers anyone still out there??

HeIenaDove Fri 23-Oct-20 02:40:30


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