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NumbersStation Sun 29-Dec-19 21:54:55

Coming back - to channel 4. Let us hope that they don’t muller it like they did GBBO.

Melanie Sykes is hosting. I wish they’d kept Sara.

Let us hope channel 4 grab Fern and resurrect my allotment challenge too.

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Disfordarkchocolate Wed 08-Jan-20 21:42:54

Nooo... I love the innuendo.

NumbersStation Wed 08-Jan-20 21:49:20

Mel can keep her knobs and we can do without slipping down the shaft tightly. I’m not really loving Mel but I’m trying to give her a chance. I just miss Sara.

She would have made the innuendos a bit more ooo-er Missus. I’m getting more of a filth stance from Mel.

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Findumdum1 Wed 08-Jan-20 21:50:37

First crying aww!

LIZS Wed 08-Jan-20 21:50:53

Was thinking Mel was new to this. Tears already.

NumbersStation Wed 08-Jan-20 21:50:57

And the first tear from Keith - love him.

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LIZS Wed 08-Jan-20 22:00:12

More tears!

NumbersStation Wed 08-Jan-20 22:07:04

The skyline and the lilypad set are my favourites.

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The4thSandersonSister Wed 08-Jan-20 22:12:29

The4thSandersonSister Wed 08-Jan-20 22:14:13

Notmyrealname855 Wed 08-Jan-20 22:14:17

L-O-V-E this show! Loved it on the beeb and thinks it’s got promise on 4

Thesuzle Wed 08-Jan-20 22:14:59

BTW that Keith bloke has all his pottery line made ABROAD

Findumdum1 Wed 08-Jan-20 22:15:26

Loved it! deserving winner, this show has cheered me up smile

Findumdum1 Wed 08-Jan-20 22:16:39

they all do once they get big enough to mas produce unfortunately. My friend worked in a factory churning out Damien Hirst "originals"

Pipandmum Wed 08-Jan-20 22:20:35

I don't think Sara or anyone hosting it adds anything to the show - sewing bee too, though I like Claudia. They don't know about the subject and just ask dumb questions or inane comments. I don't see why the judges can't host it with a decent narrator.

BestIsWest Wed 08-Jan-20 22:22:11

Thought they made the right choices. Love Keith being so emotional.

The4thSandersonSister Wed 08-Jan-20 22:58:12

Pottery Throwdown & Sewing Bee still give me the fuzzies that I haven't felt from GBBO since it's apex Season 6. It still feels a little homespun and not yet too slick or up it's own backside.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I treasure the 2 Seasons of Great British Allotment Challenge as the "one that got away".

NumbersStation Wed 08-Jan-20 23:50:54


You are not alone. I miss that one. sad

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5foot5 Thu 09-Jan-20 13:19:00

Oh I enjoyed this too. I think the new judge is very good and I actually really liked Melanie Sykes. She went up in my estimation when revealed as a brass player.

DarlingNikita Thu 09-Jan-20 13:30:26

The4thSandersonSister and NumbersStation, I am also an Allotment Challenge fan and miss it terribly!

Slightly different, but I'd also love a new series of Monty Don's Big Dreams, Small Spaces.

Disfordarkchocolate Thu 09-Jan-20 13:41:47

Husband - I think she really played that!
Me - why not, she's proper brass band northern.

I thought she did really well.

NumbersStation Thu 09-Jan-20 14:44:11

Oh yes to Monty Don too. smile

I’m hoping to warm to Mel but I thought She was a bit ‘now me - my turn me, me me me’ yesterday.

Fair doos for having a puff on the brass though!

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Lunaballoon Fri 10-Jan-20 06:47:47

I had to search through the channels to find this. Why has it moved to More Four? hmm It’s definitely up there with GBBO and Sewing Bee.

Halsall Fri 10-Jan-20 09:03:21

Numbers, Melanie Sykes was a member of a brass band in her youth. She played baritone horn. Not sure how long it is since she’s played seriously though!

NumbersStation Fri 10-Jan-20 11:09:44

Thank you @Halsall smile

Fair play to her. I only managed the triangle blush

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Clangus00 Fri 10-Jan-20 11:18:43

I can’t stand Keith crying.

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