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MonkeyToesOfDoom Wed 25-Dec-19 00:08:59

Christmas Day...

Merry Christmas Corrie Fans...
And those who watch through habit.

Rita's in the floor, Derek's in a bind, Gemma's had babies and is going out her mind.
Nick is grimacing nicely, and Sarah's forgot the plot.
And we're all just gathering around and hoping Dev gets shot.

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CoolCarrie Mon 24-Feb-20 20:55:09

Yes, the Abi story line is just rehash of Anna , they are running out of stories, much like Disney and their live action versions of cartoons.

eggandonion Mon 24-Feb-20 21:02:56

Oh no not the garage.... legal lady will have to get full ownership in Tyrone's name very quickly or even Gary's name. The factory changes hands all the time. I don't think Carla wants to live in a house, she likes a snazzy apartment. I agree with the wet room meaning you need to dry the toilet seat, and they tend to have slippy floors (based on my one night experience in a hotel in Spain).

Chipstick10 Mon 24-Feb-20 21:08:19

Sooo bored. We’ve been here before with the Abi storyline.

TheGinGenie Mon 24-Feb-20 21:11:16

Yep was thinking this is just Anna and Phelan again

CoolShoeshine Mon 24-Feb-20 21:12:11

I reckon Peter and Carla will club resources and buy Ken’s pad from under Tracy’s nose. Keep the “Barlows” in the house. I’m assuming that when Ken goes to life in the retirement village with Claudia the actor will be in the show occasionally rather than leaving for good?

Clawdy Mon 24-Feb-20 22:12:29

Pretty sure he and Claudia will still be in it. Doesn't Audrey live somewhere else but she's still a regular character?

MonkeyToesOfDoom Mon 24-Feb-20 22:41:55

I'd tell creepy hotel guy to piss right off tbh.
Then plead not guilty and let it go to trial. Then ABI can tell everyone why she torched the car and thus all of creepy guys sex harassment etc will be in the open.

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ToEarlyForDecorations Tue 25-Feb-20 08:20:55

What if Ken gives/sells the house to Peter and Tracey ? Um, maybe not, that leaves Daniel (and Bertie and the Scottish werewolf out of it.)

Is this Liz's exit story line ?

eggandonion Tue 25-Feb-20 08:26:45

Is Sophie a part owner of the garage too, from her clipboard days? Mabe she could return and sort things out. Or Rosie. More forgotten offspring.

PennyRoyal Tue 25-Feb-20 09:00:11

Yes, well remembered - Sophie owns part of the garage. Kevin gifted her half of share for a significant birthday.
And doesn't Kevin have a couple of hundred grand in his bank curtesy of his sister (who was left it by their aunt). Surely he'd offer that first?

No1 - I'm not sure who I'd rather have it. Perhaps they could all live together!

I didn't know Liz was leaving...

eggandonion Tue 25-Feb-20 10:22:25

Liz is always leaving, she has to go and visit Andy when she remembers him. I'd forgotten about the sister's money. I'm sure most of the transactions are illegal and hidden from the tax man.
I'm sure there is a way out of this sorry mess for Kevin, Ray and Gary are two horrors too many and both need to vanish.

BeansOnToast123 Tue 25-Feb-20 12:11:44

Liz is leaving?! Doesn’t feel like she’s been back for very long since she last left.

HeartyGreenSalad Tue 25-Feb-20 17:18:06

Didn't Kevin give his inheritance to Sally ? Sophie owns part of the garage but then so does Tyrone. hmm

HeartyGreenSalad Tue 25-Feb-20 17:23:59

@ToEarlyForDecorations thats a spoiler

CoolShoeshine Tue 25-Feb-20 21:30:03

If Liz leaves I hope she doesn’t come back again in a few months with another new face grin

EachandEveryone Tue 25-Feb-20 22:15:47

I cant imagine her leaving what else would she do?

eggandonion Tue 25-Feb-20 22:52:35

In our street we have various offspring who have grown up and gone away. The ones who are about 200 miles away come home every so often - the ones who are abroad maybe once or twice a year depending on where they are. On Coronation Street they go, and or never mentioned again, unless they reappear with a new head. Or as a make believe person like that dd of Liz.

Dieu Tue 25-Feb-20 23:51:16

The Abi/Ray storyline is stupid. All she had to do was record him, and then have him done for blackmail, or even rape if it went ahead.

Footballer guy is THE worst actor. And his career can't be that dazzling, if he's still at home with maw and paw hmm

ajandjjmum Wed 26-Feb-20 00:04:46

At least we're getting a break from Yaz and Geoff!

desperatehousewife21 Wed 26-Feb-20 06:55:15

At least Yaz and Geoff can act. Footballer family are GCSE drama at best.

Clawdy Wed 26-Feb-20 08:43:28

At first I thought "Nice new family, just like the ones in the early days - jolly, old-fashioned dad, kind bustling mum, two lively sons. .." Then it all went wrong! They do get given some dreadful storylines and words, though.

Honeyroar Wed 26-Feb-20 09:47:05

@dieu I definitely thought Abi’s storyline would have gone so differently- I thought she’s much more gutsy than Anna was and they won’t do the same story, she’ll record him or something.. But no!

eggandonion Wed 26-Feb-20 10:18:56

She has that fabulous legal lady to advise her, unless she dumps her and goes it alone. Legal lady must be making a fortune since she first arrived. Was Sally's money from Kevin to pay legal expenses, and was it a loan? There is so much to forget.... When I see the odd Classic Corrie I remember the storylines.

ajandjjmum Wed 26-Feb-20 10:56:26

At least Yaz and Geoff can act.

True - I think that is why I'm really not enjoying that storyline.

ajandjjmum Wed 26-Feb-20 11:00:59

Hope this link works!

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