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Saw episode of Friends I had never seen tonight...

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Clary Fri 24-Aug-07 23:13:12 bizarre as I know most of them by heart. On E4, a really early one (think they must have just gone back to the start) where Phoebe finds a thumb in her can of pop and Chandler starts smoking again.

Anyone else find they get an undiscoverd gem every so often?

TheArmadillo Fri 24-Aug-07 23:14:17

Yeah I do sometimes.

Always a shock as I have seen most of them millions of times.

Sometimes happens with the Simpsons as well.

Kathyis6incheshigh Fri 24-Aug-07 23:15:21

Sadly rare, though. More often you see one and think 'I can't believe how many times I have already seen that....'

Clary Fri 24-Aug-07 23:17:14

Yes Kathy that's when it's time not to watch for a while.

A few months ago I saw a really late one for the first time and it was so funny as well. Earlier ones not so good...

Clary Fri 24-Aug-07 23:17:52

sArmadillo sorry mean tto say that hardly ever happens with Simpsons here - more likely that DD can tell us exactly what's going to happen blush

TheArmadillo Fri 24-Aug-07 23:20:16

yeah it is rare but occasionally.

I've given up watching most things like that because I've just seen 99% of them to death.

lisad123 Fri 24-Aug-07 23:25:08

I know which one you mean. I have watched all of them, so no surprises for me


mankyscotslass Sat 25-Aug-07 07:45:07

I saw some of the later ones from just before the Rachael/Ross pregnancy. I saw Flack from CSI NY, couldnt believe it!!

tigerschick Sat 25-Aug-07 07:52:21

I saw one a while ago that I'd never seen where they argue about how much money they make - Monica, Ross and Chandler versus Phoebe, Rachel and Joey.
But, as you say, it's rare. Haven't actually watched any for several months - gets a bit monotonous.

tiredemma Sat 25-Aug-07 08:02:34

I have seen them repeated so many times- but still laugh as hard as the first time!

Katy44 Sat 25-Aug-07 08:09:48

I love it when I see one I haven't already seen and it happens more often than I think!
Also, I find with a lot of them I haven't seen the 1st ten mintes anyway, even if I could recite the rest!

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