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Anyone else notice hard up Dawn Swan pushing around the £300+ pushchair!

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Thelittlesoldiersmummy Fri 24-Aug-07 22:53:14

Funny isnt how the manage to get the best new pushchair out there even though she hasnt taken any of Rob and the nutters money hmm

ohh maybe I am watching to much t.v blush or know too much about pushchairs double blush but you can see its not cheap in fact its the latest Icandy Cherry with all matching ass which would cost well over £300!

MerlinsBeard Fri 24-Aug-07 22:54:00

i started a thread asking which one it was because it looked expensive!

UCM Fri 24-Aug-07 22:55:09

You watch too much telly. It's a prop grin

UCM Fri 24-Aug-07 22:55:41

The ring looked straight out of Elizabeth Duke though grin

Thelittlesoldiersmummy Fri 24-Aug-07 22:56:51

But where would baby summer spend 90% of her day if its only a prop grin

Thelittlesoldiersmummy Fri 24-Aug-07 22:57:15

lol true nasty!

yelnats Fri 24-Aug-07 22:57:51

I was more concerned as to why she had a very young baby in a carrycot facing away from her. Arent they supposed to face you in the carry cot?

Thelittlesoldiersmummy Fri 24-Aug-07 23:01:01

I dont think it matters just most new mums want to see their baby and make sure their ok hmm

ernest Sat 25-Aug-07 12:06:54

plus the angle it's at, would make the feet highr than the head. dh moaned and said i was the only loon to have notice the direction of the carry cot. glad to see i'm not alone

TheQueenOfQuotes Sat 25-Aug-07 13:32:11

perhaps she qualified for the Sure Start Maternity Grant and paid for it out of that grin wink

btw I have NO idea who you're talking about LOL.

TheQueenOfQuotes Sat 25-Aug-07 13:33:56

you see we're hard up and have a rather nice Hauck Infinity, with Carrycot, Pushchair and CosyToes.......because we got £500 grant and it was the only major thing we needed to buy.

I'm very pleased to say that I've only ever seen one other Hauck in our town LOL.

meandmy Sat 25-Aug-07 13:35:17

I have noticed think that whats is face got it

meandmy Sat 25-Aug-07 13:35:41

keith or micky

belgo Sat 25-Aug-07 13:37:56

that's why she's hard up.

Ceolas Sat 25-Aug-07 13:40:36

It's TV...

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