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Page 2 | Emmerdale and the ever expanding Dingle spoilers please

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ellenanora5 Thu 19-Dec-19 13:16:29

So Nate is here to stay (unfortunately)

Will Rhona and Graham make it to France.

Does Santa know how naughty Archie has been and will his mother ever cop on at how hurt he is.

How many Christmas dinners will be ruined with fighting this year.

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thespellhasbeenbroken123 Tue 24-Dec-19 08:57:57

I stopped watching emmerdale around the time rob attacked lee

Is it worth catching up?

I can't stand Nate tho haha

Sparklingbrook Tue 24-Dec-19 10:05:25

You could try but it's not been great @thespellhasbeenbroken123. Very tedious never ending storylines.
Are we to assume that Kerry and Amy get their comeuppance? Lots of characters left. The viewers know they are gone for good but the writers like to pretend they aren't.

Nate is annoying. In fact all of them are annoying. The humour is zero.

TellingBone Tue 24-Dec-19 10:10:16

Sick of this Wendy storyline not least because it simply doesn't make sense that someone with such a nervy, anxious to help character would insert themselves into a situation where they are hated.

On the plus side, if she and Bob get together there's potential for a Cathy and Heath kidnap/locked in a container/stuck in a car boot/abandoned in the forest storyline, and with any luck they'll disappear for good. grin

JaneJeffer Tue 24-Dec-19 10:32:34

How would we tell if they disappeared? We never see them anyway.

ellenanora5 Tue 24-Dec-19 12:01:04

I suspect that Cathy and Heath will walk into the cafe with brand new heads and be fifteen years old any day now.

What is the point of Ellis Dad or indeed Ellis, they didn't need to bring him back,we were fine without him.

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Sparklingbrook Tue 24-Dec-19 12:17:18

YY I dodn't get that either. Nobody cared about Ellis, and Ellis Dad needs to go because i don't see the point of him either.
The outdoor pursuits thing is taking a while to get off the ground.

WireBrushAndDettolMaam Tue 24-Dec-19 15:44:17

Agree. They didn’t need to waste a salary on newhead Ellis. No-one was missing him. Get rid. Him and his dad both. Billy can stay. But not with dawn. Can’t stand her or her dad. Or Harriet for that matter.

Sparklingbrook Tue 24-Dec-19 16:13:46

So many useless characters who add nothing.

Jojoanna Tue 24-Dec-19 16:42:54

I haven’t watched emmerdale since the awful Nate and moira storyline, I’m sure it used to be so much better

Rafflesway Tue 24-Dec-19 16:52:04

And the ludicrous Lydia/mum/sister storyline.

She has now decided she doesn't want any contact unless she changes her mind/feels ready. fhmm

Totally pointless!

Sparklingbrook Tue 24-Dec-19 16:53:36

Lydia is not a great character. If she left nobody would notice.

hellcarryingahandbag Tue 24-Dec-19 18:11:53

Oh, Nate is nauseating🤢🤢

Sparklingbrook Tue 24-Dec-19 18:26:49

Characters you like in Emmerdale. Let's make a list-

Erm. (Thinks really hard) Nope, I have nothing.

southeastdweller Wed 25-Dec-19 22:45:31

Not a single comment so far on the Christmas Day episode! I couldn't be bothered watching, did some studying instead.

Sparklingbrook Wed 25-Dec-19 22:46:23

Anything happen? I forgot to watch.

JaneJeffer Wed 25-Dec-19 22:53:25

It was good but you'll probably hate it Sparkling fgrin

Sparklingbrook Wed 25-Dec-19 22:55:52

Did some plot lines actually move forward just a little bit? That’s what I am holding out for.

WireBrushAndDettolMaam Wed 25-Dec-19 23:09:22

Baby boy left on David/Jacobs doorstep with note from maya. Doesn’t say who the dad is.

Belle snapping at anyone who is having a good Xmas day. Goes off, finds Nate and invites him back for Xmas dinner. Cain does obligatory hard man stare- then allows him to stay.

Graham interrupts Xmas dinner at Tates to tell Jamie he slept with Andrea years ago and Millie might have been his. She isn’t. DNA confirmed she is Jamie’s. Kim spills beans about plan to go to France. Marlon hears. Goes to Rhona and has a row. Says he won’t allow it.

Liam moped around looking stupid.

Sparklingbrook Wed 25-Dec-19 23:13:52

Yay the DNA test boredom is at an end. ✅ Thanks for the update.

southeastdweller Wed 25-Dec-19 23:15:20

Yes, thanks! Glad I swerved it this year.

WireBrushAndDettolMaam Wed 25-Dec-19 23:22:36

Oh don’t get too excited- they’ve immediately replaced it with another DNA test mystery. Maya’s baby.

PremierNaps Wed 25-Dec-19 23:40:48

I feel like Maya baby is isn't going to be David's or Jacobs. I feel like there is going to be a twist like the baby is actually Pollards 😂

JaneJeffer Wed 25-Dec-19 23:43:18

Premier I wish you were an Emmerdale writer fgrin

WireBrushAndDettolMaam Wed 25-Dec-19 23:45:42


Corneliawildthing Thu 26-Dec-19 13:08:55

Maybe Maya had a reunion with soppy Liam and the baby is his. It might stop his endless mooning around over Bernice when we know full well she isn't coming back

The pantomime was rubbish. If that was supposed to lighten the gloom then it failed. As PP said, my list of characters I like would be very short.

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