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Sexting Disloyal Wankbadgers Thread - SCD 2019 FINAL

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TheMustressMhor Sat 14-Dec-19 20:08:00

Who is going to win?

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covetingthepreciousthings Sat 14-Dec-19 20:09:36

@TheMustressMhor thank you for new thread, and for including wank badger!

Pashazade Sat 14-Dec-19 20:09:39

Apparently the pink was match the jukebox theme.

Wolfcub Sat 14-Dec-19 20:09:40

Thanks Mhor

TheMustressMhor Sat 14-Dec-19 20:09:43


<may have had too much Co-Op gin now>

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DingDongSchadenfreudeOnHigh Sat 14-Dec-19 20:09:48

Greeting earthlings

Here I is!

TwattingDog Sat 14-Dec-19 20:09:51

Sexting? What did I miss?!

GoGoLego Sat 14-Dec-19 20:09:50

Kelvin has 2 of my votes so far

DoesntLeftoverTurkeySoupDragOn Sat 14-Dec-19 20:10:03

Wallace for the win.

Grommit will be delighted.

Poshjock Sat 14-Dec-19 20:10:07

How far through this thread can we get?

Apolloanddaphne Sat 14-Dec-19 20:10:12

Kelvin has had all my votes!

Horehound Sat 14-Dec-19 20:10:27


ilovesooty Sat 14-Dec-19 20:10:39

Kelvin should have this wrapped up.

BanditoShipman Sat 14-Dec-19 20:10:41


Encyclo Sat 14-Dec-19 20:10:52

Kelvin has to win this if there's any justice

GrouchyKiwi Sat 14-Dec-19 20:10:58

Kelvin's absolutely going to win because of that showdance, even if he wasn't already.

Horsemad Sat 14-Dec-19 20:11:31

Please God, don't let Karim win! Gotta be Kelvin & Oti.

DingDongSchadenfreudeOnHigh Sat 14-Dec-19 20:11:38

How far through this thread can we get?

All the way I hope Poshjock - or I will find them, and I will kill them . . . . fangry

GrouchyKiwi Sat 14-Dec-19 20:11:41

Also, thanks for new thread. grin

CherieBabySpliffUp Sat 14-Dec-19 20:11:51

I hope Kelvin does but I fear Karim will glitterball

noideaatallreally Sat 14-Dec-19 20:11:59

Kelvin has all my votes - as long as the BBC can get the system up and running!

SauvignonBlanche Sat 14-Dec-19 20:12:09

Kelvins show dance was amazing, Oti nearly danced out of her top.

chocolateisavegetable Sat 14-Dec-19 20:12:19

Checking in

sniffsneeze Sat 14-Dec-19 20:12:20

Kelvin for the win

64sNewName Sat 14-Dec-19 20:12:43

I’m not a massive Kelvin fan, but I do think he’s the most deserving of a win out of the three.

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